The TotalSoulGym Experience

If you embrace the full TotalSoulGym Experience, you will be guided to form a new relationship with yourself based on the truth that you are pure love, a Divine Being making a human experience here on Earth.

When you feel ready to begin working with TotalSoulGym to activate the power of your Soul, we will schedule your first TotalSoulGym session.

The session will be with me Tota and will normally be around 90 minutes long. We meet either on Skype or in person in Buenos Aires, as both are equally effective. At least seven days before the session you will need to provide me with your date and time of birth and your birthplace so that I can prepare well by researching your astrological Natal Chart, and your Solar Revolution Chart for the year ahead. If you have any specific personal challenges or questions that you would like me to focus on, you are very welcome to tell me. However, it’s often best at the first session for me to sense what is likely to be on your mind, as my clients find my observations to be accurate, revealing and potentially transformational.

natal chart by totalsoulgym

I invite you to read some testimonials from my clients, here.

And what about you? Are you ready for transformation?

By the end of your first TotalSoulGym session you will have gained a deeper understanding of yourself and a clearer idea of who you really are. You will have a heightened awareness of the self-work you need to do to enable you to fulfil your Soul’s mission on Earth. You will have a good idea of your Soul’s proposal for the year ahead and thus be able to make the most of every opportunity presented to you. You will begin to understand why certain people and situations are coming into your life and what they are bringing by their presence. You will start the process of freeing yourself from past unhealthy behaviours and patterns, and instead begin to activate your Divine power and your free will.

I will advise you at the end of the session if I think you could benefit from further TotalSoulGym sessions and if you agree we can make a plan for these. The choice will always be yours. I believe in the natural flow and that things happen in their own Divine time. I know that you will be drawn to continue on your TotalSoulGym journey if your Soul wishes it.

solar revolution chart by totalsoulgym

The first TotalSoulGym session includes my research into your Natal Chart and Solar Revolution Chart. The ideal frequency of follow-on sessions for those wishing to embrace the full TotalSoulGym Experience is weekly or perhaps fortnightly. Regular but less frequent ‘tuning’ sessions are also possible. After the first session, subsequent sessions are normally one hour in duration. If you are interested in a series of sessions, we can work out a programme which will command a discount in price over individually scheduled sessions.

During all TotalSoulGym sessions I will work with a variety of techniques chosen to match your needs. There is no such thing as a standard TotalSoulGym session. Each of yours will be unique to you and will be tailored for you. At the start of each session I will tell you what to expect so that there are no surprises and you can be at ease and relaxed throughout.

Please read the Testimonials from my clients. If you have questions, I have answered some of the most common ones in the FAQ.

When you want to begin working with me, click here to introduce yourself and book your first TotalSoulGym session. Your transformational journey to activate your Soul and to tune into its mission on Earth has already begun. I am here to guide you towards freedom and joy.We can live now through Grace and Ease, this is part of the new paradigms. Awaking your divine powers, learning how to elevate your vibration, going back to your perfect vibration-Love-Oneness.