The Full TotalSoulGym Experience

The TotalSoulGym Experience is self-development Alchemic work during which enlightened frequencies will be present to transform genetic, collective and karmic old and limiting patterns. With the full TotalSoulGym Experience you will be guided to form a new relationship with yourself based on the truth that you are pure love, a Divine Being making a human experience here on Earth. To give you an idea, here are some of the areas of work that I may propose for you over perhaps a period of one year:

Soul Activation

Soul Activation is a journey of awakening. Activate your Light Body and Radiant Resources. Open and clear your channel from inherited energies, beliefs, deceptions and karma from the past. Actualize yourself in the present moment. Inhabit yourself in the Matrix of your Soul. Use light and color therapy drawing on the Divine help available to you. Learn how to raise your vibration whenever you want.

Inner Refuge Creation

Create your new operations base, the Matrix of your Soul, between the heart and the spine. Test your capacity to transform, develop the creator practice and create inside what you want to create outside. This practice is known as co-creating, you can use it to create the life you want.

Emotional Healing

Activate your Inner Healer with:

Rocking: Heal your wounded Inner Child forever, create a new relationship and transform your inner child into your active Inner Artist. It’s a chance to create a deeper connection within yourself. You will activate your radiant love, your most powerful medicine. It may be an experience of profound healing; it may be about receiving information. It is always an opportunity to allow for shifts to occur within you.

Nutrition: Nurture yourself with all what you didn’t receive in the past from your human parents and background. Make Divine Connections. Father Sky and Mother Earth aligned nurturing your channel-body. Cleansing, alignment and energetic recalibration.

Inner Shield: Integrate the four planes through Shamanic work. North: Inner Warrior; South:Inner Healer; East:Inner Child/InnerTeacher-Artist; West:Inner Visionary/Psychic/Spirit.

Emotional Freedom

Tapping is the common name for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), used for integrating emotional and physical issues, pains and conflicts. It shifts your brain to surrender, to what it is and to the present moment. It enables you to reach a state of loving and deeply accepting yourself, and it brings healing. We’ll work together to find an inner state of connection, unconditional love and acceptance, no matter how or what you feel. Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique in this session and then you will be able to use it whenever you need it.

Inner Characters

Using Shamanic work, activate and meet  three of your Inner Characters:

Animal of Power: Discover instinct and wisdom as allies inside yourself. Feel your strength and connection to Mother Earth through your Animal of Power. You can call it whenever you need to feel safe, strong or when you need to make decisions. Learn to develop a relationship with this powerful ally and feel the active protection it can give you. You can even transform violence through this close relationship.

Inner Warrior: He conquers and achieves what you want, outside in the world. You have his help to develop security, affirmation and connection to what you want and desire. You’ll set up habits that serve you, that are designed to ‘energetically’ attract or ‘allow’ your desires to come forth in your life. This inner character (Mars in your Natal Chart) also speaks about your masculine energy inside of you and the masculine energy you attract to your life.

Inner Goddess: She knows about your happiness, beauty and attraction. Venus in the Natal Chart tells of the specific things and energies that make you happy, and learning to relate to her will definitely change your life. She was exiled for centuries and is the needed energy to equilibrate and balance your life again in this new time-era. You will grow in love and beauty as you allow her to perform her magic both inside you and outside in your life.

Inner Sacred Marriage

Once you met your inner Goddess and Warrior, we can work in the balance between masculine and feminine energies and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You can work in this to achieve a great, loving and fulfilling internal marriage. The imbalance of these two powerful energies leads to a great human disfunction and wound. Make this healing change for yourself, and transform your relationships with others in the external world.

Chakra Healing

Your mental, emotional, and physical distress is the result of energy blockages. These meditations, exercises and work, promote smooth, free flowing internal energy, good health and joy. You will learn your own intuitive language through the observation and receptivity of your chakra centers. You’ll experience yourself as a multi-layered energetic being, growing in the fifth dimension. As you cleanse and unblock your energy centers, you will experience powerful shifts in thinking and you will feel increasingly empowered to fulfil your Divine Purpose.

Spiritual and Energetic Protections, Wisdom and Decrees

The Archangels and spiritual Masters and Teachers offer us powerful Divine techniques to provide a filter for the energies and fears of others, so that we can feel total love and support from the Universe. Learn to invoice, to fully access your multi-dimensional Being and awaken all of your divine powers and talents. Equip yourself to fulfil your mission on Earth.

Are you ready for transformation?