Tota knows how to guide and nurture the soul so that it naturally seeks the deeper areas inside. Like an exquisite piece of music, her healing notes touch the places that defy tenderness, and balance them so that they can blossom and thrive. With Tota’s gentle and expert guidance, I have been able to access parts of myself that I did not know existed, and have become a better person, beloved to myself and able to help others find the same sensation in themselves. The work is exponential! Tota gives each person the keys to do their own inner work by following specific rituals that are meaningful and beautiful. One doesn’t have to be troubled, ill, or confused to get the benefits of this guidance. Tota is a brilliant catalyst, helping us to access our own intuitive wisdom, ultimately making us our own teachers and our own best friends.’
Michele Kadison, New York USA.
Working with Tota has been a life-transforming process. Tota’s unique gift is that she settles us into the emotional world of our “issues”, thereby surpassing the intellectual understanding and going directly and powerfully to the core of the problem. I have found that knowing something mentally isn’t on its own enough to make a profound and lasting change in my life. With Tota, one really begins to reconcile the long standing issues in one’s life as well as the more temporary ones. Her insight and guidance have been truly immeasurable.’
Kara Wenham, Berlin
Tota is a magical being and I have had the privilege of working intensively with her. She is a skilful, sensitive guide, who gently but firmly helped to steer me on to my true path. The astrological chart she created for me is itself a beautiful work of art. Using the chart, it was as if she knew who I really was – and who I could be. I loved the combination of deep inner work, through guided journeys, and what felt like counselling. Tota creates a safe and loving environment. After my first meeting with her, I wrote in my journal: “I feel as if I’ve been given permission to start my life anew. What are my deepest desires formyself?” When I met Tota I had short hair and was creatively stuck. I now have long flowing locks (one of Tota’s many gifts is helping women to find and express their Goddess) and last year I had my first photography exhibition. Without her persistent reminder that I am an artist, I might never have explored this part of me, and for that I am forever grateful.’
Julie-Anne Cosgrove, Buenos Aires Argentina
Andrea is an exceptional being. She has helped me in the most difficult situations, with an immediate understanding of the problem, reading through the personality and getting to the source, with tremendous insight, compassion and love, guiding me to find solutions and the ultimate unfolding of my life purpose.’
Santiago Sartorious, Brighton United Kingdom
Tota is an incredibly warm and nurturing soul. She deftly guides you as she opens you to yourself, the self you need to be reacquainted with. The work I did with Tota was invaluable and reverberates still.’
Sue Malfitano, New York USA
Tota is a gifted Soul Guide and she has an awe-inspiring ability to connect one’s mind with heart and Soul. I met her through a mutual friend and decided to engage her to draw my Natal Chart and Solar Revolution Chart as a birthday treat. I was already in contact with my Soul’s voice and was trying hard to live a path of the heart for greater joy in life. Tota helped me take the “trying hard” part out of it. At our first TotalSoulGym session she honed in on the areas of me that were stuck in past patterns, and in all honesty I couldn’t quite believe how accurate and telling were her observations. It was as if she ‘knew me of old’ though we had only met briefly once. Empowering and liberating! I recommend her to you wholeheartedly.’
Sally Blake, Buenos Aires Argentina and Shrewsbury United Kingdom