Meet Tota

I am Tota of TotalSoulGym.

My name is Andrea “Tota” Loustalet. I am an astrologer, spiritual coach and Soul guide.

I specialise in guiding you to empower the energy connection between your Heart, Soul, Divine Presence, and to discover the joy you came to earth to find. I use Divine energy-light work to heal, awaken, integrate, and bring more balance and love to your life.

My ancient, time-tested techniques include Astrology, Shamanism, Metaphysics, Pleiadian Multi-dimensional Light Work and Energetic Alchemy. All can access the deeper levels and dimensions within your being, and will enable and empower you to develop your Divine Plan and fulfill your purpose on this planet.

I am from Argentina and speak fluent English in addition to my native Spanish. I have been a professional astrologer for twenty years and have many international clients, especially from the USA and Europe. My graduate and post-grad education includes studies in Psychology at El Salvador University, Astrology at C.A.B.A. (Centro Astrológico de Buenos Aires), and Humanistic Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology in Casa XI.  I’ve participated in multiple International Astrology Congresses in Buenos Aires, speaking on subjects such as ‘Astrology for Education’ and ‘Developing our own path as revealed in the Natal Chart’. From 2000 to 2005 I presented a weekly television show, The new astrology and the spiritual horoscope, and I am regularly invited to join radio discussions and debates on subjects such as New Paradigms and the New Earth.

I have chosen the name TotalSoulGym because my work embraces your total being, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual energy of you. It will activate your soul. Mine is a holistic approach that gets to the very heart of who you truly are and accesses dimensions within you that you may never have been aware of before. Come to me, if you are ready to know and love yourself, if you are ready to awake and welcome more joy into your life.

My full name is Andrea Loustalet, but I am known as Tota or ToT.
I will love the opportunity to work with you, if it is meant.