Who is TotalSoulGym designed for?

The TotalSoulGym Experience is based on stepping out of old, inherited methods of operating, and moving into a heart-mind energy balance. The old modes of operation that you will be gently asked to release from your life involve any aspects of self-criticism, over-analysis, self-judgement or  the denial of your Divinity or of your Divine Energy. Anyone with an open mind and who feels in any way held back or confused by old behaviour patterns can experience a powerful personal transformation with TotalSoulGym.

Perhaps you already feel you are on the path of shifting from these old ‘fourth dimension’ modes of operation into the ‘fifth dimension’: you might sense that the time for personal change is now or that you are on the brink of becoming the person you were always meant to be; you might want a guide to help you gain clarity as to your mission here on Earth; or you might know that you are already connected with your Divinity but want to go deeper in order to achieve everything that you came here to Earth to do. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, if you are being called to read this page then there is a very good chance that a TotalSoulGym Experience could be perfect for you.

What exactly do you mean by Soul-Activation?

Soul-Activation is a journey. It begins with a Soul wishing to place time, energy and consciousness into opening up their energy body and their physical body to receive a deeper connection to their enlightened nature and to clear their energy body of the core memories of disempowerment. This wish enables a birthing process to take place, activating a metamorphosis between the consciousness and your Soul. This allows a new stream of energy, your own true power, to flow through your energy centres (known as Chakras) awakening your creative consciousness. So many of us on a spiritual path wish to discover our gifts, create wondrous things with our talents, and give them to others in the interest of the greater good. The purpose of Soul-Activation is to enable you fulfil your mission in this lifetime and become the empowered creator that you were born to be.

What will happen in my first TotalSoulGym Session?

You will be touched by the love, light and power of your Divine Presence and your world will be changed forever. We will begin by embracing all that is revealed by your Natal and Solar Revolution Charts so that you become aware of who you truly are and the challenges that you face here on Earth, perhaps for the very first time. I will then gently guide you to surrender yourself to discover and connect with your own Inner World; as your Inner Self transforms through this ‘birthing’ process, you will empower your own evolution. Your Soul-Activation will have begun.

What can I expect if I decide to commit to the full TotalSoulGym Experience and undertake the series of sessions that you will propose?

In addition to the empowering effects of Soul-Activation outlined above, working with the combination of TotalSoulGym techniques that together we decide will best suit you, I can enable you to:

  • Cleanse and release the past, and free the infinite supply of love within
  • Let go of inherited patterns and beliefs, and dissolve ego to cultivate your true self
  • Learn self-forgiveness and self-acceptance
  • Embrace your emotions, and understand the mental patterns that attach you to old feelings
  • Create your inner refuge, garden and world where you can connect with your true power
  • Understand, relate to and be empowered by your inner characters
  • Release any remaining blocks to your growth
  • Develop your intuition and your own intuitive language
  • Love your Divinity and your Humanity
  • Find your true purpose in life, your own path, your mission, your Divine Plan
  • Discover joy!

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Why are the Natal Chart and the Solar Revolution Chart such vital parts of the TotalSoulGym Experience?

They are your essential route map for your time on Earth. They contain the celestial indications that will guide you (with my help) to find out who you really are, to relate to yourself in a completely new way and to discover the joy that you were always meant to know.

I will use your Natal Chart to illuminate where your Soul is on its journey, to understand exactly where you are on the path of your evolution, and to know the issues that you are dealing with in this lifetime here on Earth. The chart also reveals the time-scale in which you will be able to access your own growth process.

The Solar Revolution Chart gives us your route map for one year. Using this we can work closely to propel you towards a deeper connection with your Divine Self. The focus will be on clearing away past responses, reactions and patterns and moving into your full potential.

The Natal and Solar Revolution Charts are needed for my work with you and for all your work with TotalSoulGym. The charts will enable me to guide you to an entirely new understanding of yourself. They are the keys to the discovery of the meaning of your life.

What if I don’t know my exact birth-time or birthday?

This is not a barrier to transformational Soul-Activation work. I can create a chart for you which is not dependent on time. I will use the signs, planets and aspects to access your unique information and inner reality.

How do I pay for my TotalSoulGym Experience?

All payments should be made in advance of booked sessions via Western Union. I will give you details of how to make the payment when we arrange your first session.