Luna nueva en Cancer, expando mi conexión y cuidado amoroso. Luna llena estructural

by ToT on June 29, 2022

Healing the Mother wound. New moon guiding us to a new cycle, to a deeper contact within ourselves, Home, the Source, the divine plan.

Our wounded inner child will be showing up, through different situations, we repeat, until we finally heal .
How we respond to our emotional self?
Can we hold, respect, allow, protect our needs and rights?
We can be very sensitive, susceptible and dramatic in this season. Defense mechanisms are activated.
Water, the emotional plane, my relationship with Mother, family, the unconscious, affection, belonging, the memories, ancestral, collective, and personal.

Dissolving ego is also a shortcut and a goal we can follow.

Dissolving our old image, the saver, the good one, the victim, the sacrifice for love, the sacrifice for the family…for the other one…for love…to belong…to feel loved

Acknowledging our Mother wound, what hurts and is needing my attention, nutrition, love, care.

We can become the inner adult for our wounded inner child now.

This is meant to happen. Wonderful things are waiting for us to be ready, open, available.

Freedom to be responsible creators of our reality.
Rebirthing after gestating the new way in us, with ourselves first.

What gestures of love for yourself you can grow in this season?
What is asking for your care, nutrition, attention, what areas of your life?(astrological houses show where this is needed)
Navigating now, feeling, it is all about transformation, integration, regeneration.
Metaphysics, emotional alchemy, alignment, radiating consciously.
Shadow work. Integration.
This is what I can share!

Private ( virtual and in presence in Berlin , until August 9th) and group workshops.
Full moon workshop, July 12, Berlin, Kreuzberg. Virtual workshop July 14th.
Join me in Berlin in July, or virtually.DM for info:
This will help you to find the effortless way, coming back home, feeling safe, grounded, united with the source of love, always, the new paradigm that is available now. No more suffer.

Living, doing, co creating through Grace, Ease and Joy.

Discovering again The joy du vivre!

So, we’ve been planting the seeds of the emotional reality we long for. True intimacy, loyalty and kindness with ourselves now, will upgrade your plan and relationships!
Emotional Vision Board.

Join me in Berlin in july!
DM for info. Totalsoulgym.
Grupal and personal energy work.
Radiant hugs!

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Hoy Elijo

Soy mi Hogar




Me realizo

Amo  Todo

Mi columna, mi eje, mi auto sostén. Tiempo de ir a mi centro, sentir mi propósito acá, disfrutar la soledad para estar en intimidad y a gusto conmigo mismo.
Eso se reflejará  afuera con otro. Cómo es adentro es afuera.

Es un tiempo clave para sanar la herida Madre.

Observen como se sienten ahora,  sin juicios, qué está expresando tu cuerpo que no reconociste o elaboraste emocionalmente.

Cómo respondes a lo que sientes y a lo que te pasa?

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