Equinox Aries y las algas de Piscis completando el proceso emocional

by ToT on March 22, 2021

Hello Dear All!
Happy and magic Equinox time!The zodiacal beginning is here. On the 20th, we initiate a time for renewal and re-calibration…that day, when feminine and masculine are in perfect balance.
Inner Sacred Marriage activation.
Aries fire energy starts shinning slowly, Pisces energy is still working.
Inner Warrior time! To focus, decree and decide what you want and will manifest.
Clear Intention.
We can activate the power of our Soul, divine fire, Inner Being, Life Force, Spirit, and Divine Plan.
Equinox, portal, with divine support always.
You are welcomed to join this series of workshops to find your own way, path, wisdom.
Your astrological birth chart, and solar revolution( chart of the year) are of invaluable aid in illuminating your unique expression of the masculine and the feminine according to your individual soul purpose in this lifetime.
I invite you to join me for this journey (personally or in group)into soul exploration, alignment, integration and ascension.
Light activation and anchoring of past lives gifts and talents.
Alchemical resources to manage emotions and transform dissolve wrong beliefs, karmic patterns and whatever is blocking your divine plan.
Maybe this is the season you are being challenged to be your own savior, to be your own safe place. Comfortable in your own skin, at Home.
You are the source. You are the love of your life.
Here, you are rebuilding. Awaken and open.
Here, you are adapting, and mending, and reclaiming all of the pieces you left away.
Here, is integration time.
DM if you resonate with my work! You are welcome!
Lots of Love!


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