New moon in Cancer, growing true intimacy

by ToT on July 5, 2019


New moon guiding us to a new cycle, to a deeper contact with ourselves, Home, the Source, the divine plan.

Our wounded inner child shows up again, until I finally heal it. We can be very susceptible and dramatic in this season.

Dissolving ego is also the shortcut and a goal.

Dissolving our old image, the saver, the good one, the victim, the sacrifice for love, the sacrifice for the family…for the other one…for love…to belong…

Freedom to be responsible creators of our reality. Rebirthing after gestating the new way in us, with ourselves first.

What gestures of love for yourself you can grow in this season?

This will help you to find the effortless way, the new paradigm that is available now. No more suffer.

Living, doing, co creating through Grace, Ease and Joy.

Discovering again The joy du vivre!

So, we are planting the seeds of the emotional reality we long for. True intimacy, loyalty and kindness with ourselves now, you will upgrade your plan and relationships!

Join me in Berlin in july!

Exercise with your Soul!



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