Leo time!Happy to be! Falling in love with your true self

by ToT on July 30, 2019

Leo time! Let’s celebrate being alive!

New moon August 1st with Pachamama’a birthday.

New paradigms and ways to treat Her, ourselves and all.

Venus Mars the Sun on fire shining our gifts with Jupiter expanding the new meaning we could find after all this eclipses season. What are you planting in this bright new cycle?

Intentions, Desire-Ask for it to the Universe-Believe it is possible and you desserts it-Recive, open to receive!

What is your thing?

Where and in what you are good at!

Which are those divine qualities you brought here to share?

You are perfect whole and complete and very very loved!

Can you feel totally loved?

Yes you are Beloved…receive your own love now, open to feel and receive the blessings and protection from everywhere…because you are Love already, Divine and awakening to this powerful truth.

We realize we don’t need love, we are love already and we share our love…

We are evolving and learning how to awake and totally love ourselves, loving this divine human we are meant to be…

Connect with your Presence…it is always in the present, you can not find it yesterday or tomorrow, only in the Now. This new moon in Leo, gives us the possibility to find a new emotional center, new ways to love and create,  being totally responsible for our wounded Inner child. If our Inner child is damaged, feels abandoned, not being well cared, this truth will appear and reveal in relationships with others, we can have conflicts with others, asking them to do what we are not doing for ourselves.

Meditate on this. Everything you need is here. You are everything you need.

Find out, the energy and the universe are on our side! Divine help is available if you ask for it!

Tune to the present energy!

Just be and accept who you really are. Without pretending… Allowing your Soul to express, light and shadow equally honored.

Become your number one fan!

Become the love of your life!

This is the love we have been waiting for!

radiant hugs!Shine your Light!




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