Gemini here! We recover the power of words and communication!Air!

by ToT on June 2, 2019

Gemini is here!

Mercury in Gemini too, awakening us to new communications, exchanges, and Neptune playing the magic of reconnection, union, visualization of my plans and ideas.
Venus in Taurus awakening our senses and bodies in a different way.
The connection with your Goddess, brings a kinder path, another way of experiencing life and yourself.

Enlighten your unconsciousness, this will be the possibility in this next cycle until the full moon.

Closing this cycle the Menguant moon in Piscis offers us magic, dreaming, visualization and union, swim in your own rhythm in this days, release, get empty to start the new cycle! June 3 rd! Another game and cycle starts!

I will be in 

New York during June (10/30th)

and in Berlin in July!

Private sessions and workshops!

Total Soul Gym.

Emotional Alchemy workshop!

Reconnection. Recalibration, alignment, Radiation. Self-knowledge. Chakra healing .  Soul Activation.
Enlightening the unconscious, inherited beliefs, lack of love, toxic ways of relating and living here before.

New paradigms are birthing, the win win way will be the way!
Physical (health) body and emotions are one, they are not separated.
When you get sick you are receiving a message, something you couldn’t acknowledge or accept in other ways.
We need to learn how to manage emotions, so we don’t need to get sick and be obliged to make this process.
A process of Loving myself differently and completely. Light and Shadow. What we exclude will come back…
Alchemy, shamanic and metaphysic resources to transform emotions, patterns, wrong beliefs and chakra energy.
Join me for this work
#alchemy #metaphysics #full moon #workshop #tot

Inner Sacred Marriage Workshops in the Prospect Park 13/6, to 21/6, full moon time!                          The Goddess and The Warrior.

Join me:

It is time to actualize the mind plane, joining the cosmic galactic mind, observe your mind, develop the witness…don’t allow your mind to bring old ideas, negativity, false ilusions, an uncomfortable comfort zone, open to the new paradigms, connections, experiences, ways , a new inner dialogue, a new communication here to re-create your life and the New Earth.

How is your inner dialogue going on?Is it supportive and loving, or it is scary, judgmental and disempowering?

Empezamos de nuevo …a pensar/visionar/diseñar todo…de nuevo, siendo conscientes que nuestros pensamientos crean una realidad y, me hacen sentir de un modo determinado. Esto crea la “vibración”, que atraerá eso mismo que vibro…

-Cómo te hacen sentir tus pensamientos?Pregúntatelo, obsérvalo, observa a tu mente, no eres ella. Te hace vibrar-atraer aquello que deseas?
Edúcala, es tu responsabilidad y herramienta clave para vibrar lo que quieras atraer y vivir.

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