Blessed and healing full moon! 6/21 Solstice to reset and start again!

by ToT on June 17, 2019


Happy and blessed full moon, Solstice and new beginnings! Evolving, upgrading, ascending, traveling, growth is concrete!

Private sessions and workshops!

June in New York, July in Berlin!

June 21st, 6 pm Solstice workshop in WeWork Manhattan ( address when you confirm) if you want more info.

Sagittarius full moon is showing us our new  horizons and ways to live here, a final push ending Gemini to enter this ascended Portal.

Solstice , to start open and fresh, anchoring in what is meant for us, and what we long for.

A divine plan is already printed and vibrating, and we allow it to happen!

Yes, we can feel the goodness of life and universe now. Time to attract, magnetize, to use the feminine way. Our feeling body needs to exercise. Cancer energy starts with Solstice. Water, and our love boat-vehicle-body being guided with loving kindness.

The healing of the inner masculine is here.

We are disabling old programs and mindsets, the divine masculine wants to anchor, we are receiving divine support for this.

Teachers, Archangels, Masters and Guides will help in this work.

We can reset ourselves in this Solstice!

You are invited to try my Total Soul Gym in person or in group workshops. Learn to use your power, learn Emotional Alchemy !

In this workshop we will work in this:

Reconnection. Recalibration, alignment, Radiation. Self-knowledge. Chakra healing . Soul Activation. Alchemy.
Enlightening the unconscious, inherited beliefs, lack of love, toxic ways of relating and living here. Hemisphere Balance. Center of eternal peace.

The Lover within.

Healing with our ancestors, integrating what we had  rejected.

Physical (health) body and emotions are one, they are not separated.
When you get sick you are receiving a message, something you couldn’t acknowledge or accept in other ways.
We need to learn how to manage emotions, so we don’t need to get sick and be obliged to make this process.
A process of Loving myself differently and completely. Light and Shadow. What we exclude will come back…
Alchemy, shamanic and metaphysic resources to transform emotions, patterns, wrong beliefs and chakra energy.

We are perfect, whole and complete, and very very loved. Feel the divine support and co create consciously with the Source.

Join me for this work
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Inner Sacred Marriage Workshops (3 meetings)

The Goddess and The Warrior. Acknowledge and meet your inner couple. It reflects in your external relationships.

While the moon was growing, we were expanding our awareness, illuminating what we need to see, sense acknowledge. Observe, it is time for inner work…
Is your mind working on your favor? Or is playing with you, controlling you?

Time to educate your mind to work for your happiness .

You are in charge of this, you can change your mind and thoughts, and just this, will bring you magic achievements.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but the thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.”
Eckhart Tolle

This understanding represents the principle of the Law of Attraction in action. As you learn to change your thoughts, you can change the energy of any situation. Since you are a creative being, your thoughts and feelings determine what you experience. Your thoughts about what is happening precede your experience, and thus determine it. Emotions, which are triggered by your thoughts, are your sixth sense, indicating whether your thoughts are aligned or misaligned with the perspective of your Inner Being.

We are creating -all together-a New Earth, ‘the Golden Era’, ‘the New Dream’, ‘the Heaven on Earth Time’ — different names from different cultures, but all offer us magical visions of the transformation and change we are living.

This new era heralds a paradigm shift in consciousness and energy, a shift in the way we have operated in the world up until now.

Humanity is evolving, creating new forms.Adapting. Becoming flexible.

-Discovering inner power .

-Healing relationship wounds, inside of us.

-Creating- inside of us -a Sacred Marriage.

(all of this subjects will guide us through this year)

Join me in Solstice  in New York
Friday 6/21    6 pm WeWork Manhattan
Write me if interested
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