Eclipses and new moon in Cancer… with Pluto!

by ToT on July 12, 2018

Final tests coming!Emotional/human learning this month. 

Solar eclipse in Cancer… lunar eclipse in Aquarius,  interrupting the old way of thinking doing living here, personal and collective challenges are offered, unexpected possibilities, retrograde planets, guiding us to inner journeying much more and enlightening our shadow to understand what’s going on, and the new moon in Cancer july 13 th, starting the new creative cycle to plant the new seeds… 

The Sun, Moon, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Uranus Neptune and sure Venus and Mars working together, are all connected to help us raise our understanding, frequency, dissolve patterns, activating our capacity to change, and embracing my personal responsibility and part, in what is going on in my life now. To undo and consciously heal what I created unconsciously.

“We can blame the environment, our genetics, our dysfunctional childhood, and all the factors that produce stress in our lives, but the bottom line and the position of power is to take responsibility for being co-creators of our reality.

There is a new understanding of how our emotions work and how they are connected to our physical body as well as to our thoughts and beliefs.

We need to learn how to deal with emotions without being damaged, ill or dead instead. Unconscious suicide has been operating for too long. We are challenged to live in a different dimension. It is an alchemy to develop in this era, we are divine beings making a human experience, learning how to be powerful from within.

We can always follow Tibetan advice: Don’t judge, blame or complain for 18 moths and you will change your life. Let’s try! We will raise the Earth ‘s frequency and co-create the Golden Era together.

The seeds for this new moon are connected with power and deep maturity, Pluto is here taking us deeper into personal responsibility and regeneration, of our old emotions and the respect for them without judging or repressing them again.

My health reveals how I had handle my emotional life. To whom I gave my power? What do I tell to myself to convince me to do what I don’t want or don’t have to do? Did I recover my power back?

How I betrayed myself, how much violence I tolerated from outside and  from within? How can I undo what I have done? Forgiveness vibration allows the healing.

My physical body expreses my emotional management.

We rebirth and connect again with our needs, nutrition, protection, coming back home, and focusing in what I need to grow and water the next two years.

Let´s practice some Total Soul Gym!

Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself .

This is to activate your Body of Light. Visualize it if you can, and feel it.

Activate, invoke your Divine Presence within your body. Be there growing this feeling.

Connect to Mother Earth now, develop strong routes to her center and a cord from your Heart to Her´s. This light is available to you, simply by connecting your heart to Mother Gaia’s heart (the earth core) daily and drawing the light of Gaia into your heart. This light will attune your vibrational energy to its correct rate or speed, so you will be able to hold a clear positive focus in life on what you wish to create with your energy and time.

Breathe… be there, present, feel it, and receive, open to the info, and her supportive love.

Open your crown chakra in your head. Allow Light and Divine Love to heal and dissolve the old, now. Receive it with eyes closed,  open your body and visualize the light working there, become the Alchemist you are meant to be. Join the love, feel the union with the love source.


Open your mind and your heart, acknowledge your lack of love, feel it , own your wound, decree your intention of receiving the perfect healing codes just for you. Receive the love in that wound.

Affirm: “I receive the healing love in my wounds and bodies, I allow my Divine Plan to happen””I am free and healed””I am renewing myself and all of my relationships now””I want to love and accept myself completely now, my light and my shadow”. I allow the healing to manifest!”

Affirm your Intention of healing and expressing your true self, purpose here and higher plans.

Breathe… Now, breathe in and breathe out, transform through conscious breathing everything, breath through your heart, feeling your power to transform everything you need .

Be gentle to yourself…

Feel and Think about Compassion and Forgiveness.

Invoke Them and breath deeply feeling how it washes through your whole body. Do it 3 times slowly, and feel it in your Heart, receive the pure divine love, wait until you feel the warmth in your Heart.

Vibrate and expand this feeling and energy inside of you, and irradiate it then to every cell atom and electron in your body, and then, outside.

Your energy will be raised, transformed.

The more we inhibit our Hearts, we help to elevate the energy around us.

Operating, deciding and living from our Heart and from the feeling of oneness, will change it all.

Find the flow of love there.

Access and feel the love that you are.

Lots of Radiant Love for each of you!




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