Coming back home, to Love me/we more!

by ToT on June 26, 2018

Happy full moon, dear you!


Lights on! I can see and enlighten my shadow, my unconscious self appears… in front of me, in the mirror, in my body and health, and projected in the others outside.

Time to grow and mature. To accept what it is.

My identity… my  emotional Structure, way,  and the beliefs that are commanding my life.

You can be free if you change and choose the new beliefs.  Acknowledging the  unconscious old beliefs first.

What you believe…will be.

Water-Earth. Transformation. Alchemy, integration.

Growth, nurturing ,limits,….family, routs, genetics, emotional issues, and our emotional structure, karma(lack of love, and what we reject and admire) The limits I need, self limiting, limits to establish with others, there is a new loving kindness needed to restablish the balance. Emotional justice. Self education to align to true love, not my old interpretations and confusions about love.

How can I love myself more, how can I treat myself with total respect.

How can I come back home to feel always loved?

Practice: Breath Compassion, invoke Compassion, the practice of  moving from judgements to love. Breath and vibrate Compasiion. Repeat the same with Forgiveness. Use breathing and your a Presence, the present moment. Feel your alchemical power transforming your perception.

Tranformation, the alchemy we came here to make, and the need to connect inside to change our destiny.

The feeling body needs training, vibrating the total deserving of what I want and long for. It is through feeling -thinking, vibrating consciously…. how we co-create with the source.

How are you feeling?

What are you vibrating, attracting?

What are you seeing in your mirror-others?

Can you see what you reject, but belongs to you?

An old identity needs to die, so you can rebirth to your TotalSelf . How you respond to what is happening is the key. Emotional education is taking place.

You are loved, perfect , whole and complete, from there you can choose how to feel, where to focus your attention and creativity.

Cancer is asking us to rest and self-care. Can we give this to ourselves?
Seriously with this Capricorne moon, focus and accept the inner work you need to do/feel, it is inside yourself. Emotional justice. Each of us need to deal with negativity, it is a virus and we need to develop an antidote.

Full moon illuminate shadows, we feel more, pains, fears, our old issues, hidden things, needs and structures that no longer work.

Time to grow. The Source of Love is inside, always waiting for us to land, plug, there.

Your longings, dreams, utopias , are whispering, can you hear?

Swim in yourself, feel , it is a sacred work, inner journeying. Saying yes to everything you deserve from within, hug yourself now, reset, be your loving supporter for ever! My wish for you and for me!

lots of  radiant & miraculous Love for you and the whole planet!



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