New moon new cycle in Goddess mode!

by ToT on May 13, 2018

Dear All of You,
Welcome again to this space, where you can find meaning, tools, Alchemy and a deeper connection to the Divine Being that you are!

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Happy Mother’s Day!Happy rebirth and regeneration time!

Earthquakes, volcanoes expressing the wild dark powerful and transformative femenine energy.

Uranus enters Taurus with this new moon, openning us to the millions of different ways we can renew ourselves and this world .

Freedom to be.

Tauro’s energy,  open our senses to expand our joy of life, our value and our connection to pleasure, new moon new cycle, new possibilities and Venus — your Inner Goddess — is activated, to help you shift into another dimension, a slower, joyful and pleasant way, where you can elevate your vibration. Appreciate everything now, rest, listen, feel, love, find beauty…start with yourself, can you?

Rest, smell, eat, honor, enjoy, delight, love your body, surrender to what it is…conquer this path, you will shift.

Happiness is a state of consciousness, when you can appreciate and see beauty everywhere…

Envision your desired future Now!Start this new cycle affirming how you want to feel and what you want to experience!

I wish to share with you some TotalSoulGym…

  • Connect to Earth and to your inner Goddess,  I invite you to do it with me right now.
  • Take in a deep breath and as you are breathing in deeply, feel as if you’re breathing in all the way down through your body sending that breath all the way down into the earth until you feel yourself merging with the earth and feel how you develop roots there, as a beautiful tree. As you do this, this allows you to anchor, this allows you to let go of anything that may be holding you back or keeping you in a space of disconnection. Breathe, sing the Aaaahhhh, release and make space inside open your energy to her. It is the anchoring that allows you to be focused or even multi-focused without that sense of disorientation and disconnection. Enjoy Taurus and your Goddess mode and orgasnic natural rhythm!
  • Invoke your inner Goddess now, call her (no matter if you are a man or a woman, all of us are inhabited by her). She is Venus in your chart: love, beauty, peace, union, an open and including vibration. She is also your Soul.
  • So once you’ve allowed yourself to feel this connection to Mother Earth and to her, your Goddess, then let your energies come back up into your life and reality. Lift it up, breathe and receive. Breath, empower and  land in your well-being,  just allow accept and be.
  • Recognize how now you feel yourself and your own energies in a much fuller manner.
  • You are already very grounded now. I invite you have a sense of letting go the past and what you need to let go, inherited thoughts and beliefs you no longer need.
  • Now re-connect to the present moment, you can access your Presence, The presence of Love within. Feel it. Then, nurture yourself, open to your love within, feel again everything now, slowly with your senses, focus your mind into this discovery.
  • Value yourself. Honor yourself. Bless yourself. Enjoy your sacred body and life and create though this energy, redesign your life from this place now, let me know how it was,  how it is,  and you are welcome to my workshops online to explore the inner world and in Berlin in June!
  • If you like to join me in Berlin in June, or ask for private sessions write me here please:

In Love and Service I hug you with violet flames of Love and Freedom!


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