New moon-new creative cycle to start all over again, from my center and purpose

by ToT on January 17, 2018

Dear All!

New moon, new creative cycle to create our own reality consciously, here on Earth.

Stellium in Capricorn, asking for concrete, practical, real, sustainable, esential,  individual  and collective work and responsibility.

We own a purpose, a destiny a plan, it is time for meaningful goals, coming back to our original self.

Saturn obliges us to manage our energy, being  aware of how and where we invest our energy.

Our talents, are well recognized?

Re-evaluation time, which are my values and beliefs commanding my life?

Everything includes a price, where I need to stablish limits, respect, distance and justice?

It is time to build with The Source, with gratitude and deservingness and with Venus now.

Venus, ruler of love and pleasure is with the Moon infusing  this cycle, love, kindness, the law of attraction, balanced negotiations, respect, with passionate and deep and powerful desire ( Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio)and heart.

New Moon encourage us to express this energy, physically and sexually. We can use this energy to vibrate our intentions and infuse life to our longings and projects .

We seriously think and speak now, to ourselves and to the Universe, what we send will come back.

Find your center of eternal peace inside, you allow your best plan if you surrender to what it is, respecting what you feel, need, and what your body has been saying. Adjustments and limits.

Becoming our greatest supporters, loving honoring and respecting ourselves as never before.

Work with your spine, gently, feel your spine and imagine violet flames cleansing the old patterns there, wrong beliefs, and what you absorbed unconsciously from others.

Irradiate your inner Light! Yes literally,

you are already a master piece!


lots of love



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