New Moon in Libra, What seeds and intentions you will plant now?

by ToT on October 19, 2017

Welcome Dear All,  prepare the seeds, be sure how you want to feel, open to this, ask for it, and say YES!

A new cycle starts,  time to plant the new seeds and intentions for this new month cycle.

New moon in Libra is opening the game, and gently asking us -with Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio, to go deeper, facing our fears, emotional alchemy is needed, old inherited emotions will show to be transformed.

This is not an alone process and time, it is with others, it´s asking us to focus in balancing, agreeing, finding ways to be more happy together!The win-win paradigm is open.

What do we want deeply…

Write the intentions for this month, what do you want to manifest in this creative cycle?

How do you want to feel?

Now, turn on the inner fire, receive it from within, and allow this to express and find the way.

Allow the balance between the masculine and the feminine, both hemispheres of the brain working together now.

Mind and body/feelings. The Goddess and the Warrior. Our Inner Sacred Marriage.

Love has won. This is what i want to perceive. Is the belief i want to command my life with, choose yours…

I wanted to let you know about my online new proposals.If you are interested please let me know and i will send you the Zoom application info, this application is for group conferences, and you need to download it in your Ipad, Computer or telephone.


Total Soul Gym weekly workshop, 40 minutes of work once a week.

I thought of an alignment moment once a week, where we re-connect to the Source, and work energetically to Be our own Source of Love. Coming back home, to Love. Becoming the Alchemist i am meant to be. We are here to transform, transforming our fears, beliefs, inherited patters, thoughts and emotions, it is our job!We have magnificent resources to enjoy this healing, transformation and empower ourselves.


Inner Sacred Romance workshop.

Once a month i will guide you to this possibility, the search for a happier and kinder relationship with ourselves.

My mind my spirit -my masculine, and my body, soul and feelings – my feminine. Develop consciously this new relationship to access the Alchemical inner wedding.


Manifestation workshop. Twice a month we will focus in what we want to manifest, co-creating with the Universe.

There are laws we need to respect to manifest and attract what we long for. We will create the path for this archetype of the sacred inner marriage waiting for us. New moon and full o menguant moon.

Intuition, compassion, imagination, senses, receptivity, cooperation, attraction, beauty, inspiration, time, take time to perform your art of living here, using this power. So much knowledge about everything and about ourselves now.

Being honest, authentic, sincere and in your integrity, will be the best practice.

This will keep you balanced and creating with inspiration before action, a dance between the old way and the new way of living here.

Soul Gym, the Yes meditation. Exercise.

Close your eyes, breath and feel your heart opening, ask for divine help, receive it and feel your desires, longings, and deserving-ness activated. Vibrate this with your gut, your heart and your mind.

Just say, Yes, to everything you want, you love, you like, say yes, yes, yes, allow the yes to inhabit each cell, electron, atom, in your body and in every area of your life. Water your life with yes, affirm the yes. If you say yes the universe will say yes. Be wise how to ask for, Universe is always saying Yes…

This is how it works, you are the limit, not the outside.

We are free to choose what to think and believe.

Lots of radiant love to start and manifest Heaven on Earth!

It is time, let´s use our creativity and love!


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