New moon in Aries, zodiac iniciation, Rooster´s year.Yin fire!

by ToT on March 28, 2017

taller de la diosaWelcome dear all, to this new year, prepare the seeds, be sure how you want to feel, open to this, ask for it, and say YES!

A new cycle starts,  a new zodiac year.

New moon in Aries is asking us to focus in what do we want deeply…More about what do we long for…turn on the inner fire, receive it from within, and allow this to express and find the way.

The equinox allowed the balance between the masculine and the feminine, both hemispheres of the brain working together now.

Mind and body/feelings. The Goddess and the Warrior.

Love has won. This is what i want to perceive. Is the belief i want to command my life , choose yours…

Rooster´s new Chinese year, Yin-Fire, think on this.The feminine fire, the feminine way…

Watch the documentary INNSAEI, from Iceland(in Netflix)

Intuition, compassion, imagination, senses, receptivity, cooperation, attraction, beauty, inspiration, time, take time to perform your art of living here, using this power. So much knowledge about everything and about ourselves now.

Aries time! Being honest, authentic, sincere and in your integrity, will be the best practice.

This will keep you balanced and creating with inspiration before action, a dance between the old way and the new way of living here.

Soul Gym, the Yes meditation. Exercise.

Close your eyes, breath and feel your heart opening, ask for divine help, receive it and feel your desires, longings, and deservingness.

Just say, Yes, to everything you want, you love, you like, say yes, yes, yes, allow the yes to inhabit each cell, electron, atom, in your body and in every area of your life. Water your life with yes, affirm the yes. If you say yes the universe will say yes. This is how it works, you are the limit, not the outside.

We are free to choose what to think and believe.

Lots of radiant love to start and manifest Heaven on Earth!

It is time, let´s use our creativity and love!


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