New moon in Capricorne, new year´s goals, dreams and plans!

by ToT on December 29, 2016

Dear All of you!

Happy new cycle, happy new year, we start to plan, to focus, to search deeply for…

What do i want???

Write it down, work in your dreams, imagine, feel your longings attracting what you desire. Work in your thoughts, beliefs and frequency.

First of all, align verticaly…

Divine Source-Human heart-Mother´s earth heart

Feel the gratitude in your heart, stay there…









We need to intentionaly prepar for this new year.We have divine help to accomplish this goals. Your own light can dissolve old patterns, karma, genetic-inheritance, issues, blocks, and can shift you to the 5th dimension.

There is no external relationship that can give you this kind of Love you are longing for.

Re-establish trust in your self and in your ability to connect to your Source.

Develop inspired practices that uplift your energy and soothe your emotions.

Express your power confidently in the world.

Do you know yourself, your energy and your unconscious dynamics?Light and Shadow are dancing, creating… Astrology help us to acknowledge our total self, limiting patterns and beliefs, talents, faster than any other tool.

To be…that´s the thing, this is our first mission here on earth, to be… what we already are. It is enough. After this times of tension we will resurrect into the new life. new self. Simplify.

I hope each of you can feel a responsible Conscious Creator, a powerful divine being making a human experience, learning how to use magic powers. Feeling guided by Universe and your Soul, supported, protected, totally loved…

To really take advantage of this energy, let´s do some Totalsoulgym together!

Let’s exercise with TotalSoulGym!

Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself . To activate your Body of Light. Visualize it if you can, feel it.
Activate, invoke your Divine Presence within your body.
Breathe… be there, present, receive, info, Light and Divine Love to heal now. Awake.
Open your mind and your heart, name your unresolved energy(symptoms, illnesses, fears genetic, collective, guilt, shame, sorrow, everything) feel , own your wound, decree your intention of receiving the perfect healing codes just for you.
Affirm: “I allow my Divine Plan to happen”
Affirm your Intention of restoring your physical DNA, chakra system and bodies of energy, affirm you choose, healing and expressing your true self now.
Connect to Mother Earth now, developing strong routes to her centre.
Inhabit your tummy area, your spine, and your heart area all together. Breathe…
Now breathe in and breathe out, letting go energies-ilusions-inherited and collective fear, guilt, sorrow, pain, habits  that no longer work for you.
Receive everything you feel, embrace your old and present emotions in your heart, receive this info your body is giving to you. Just feeling, accepting how and what you feel will transform you.Breath out, and let go everything now..
Don’t stop using the breathing to release and open more space inside. Make space for new things you long for, to come and manifest.
Land there, this is your true base.
Feel the Oneness… join the divine love, unite with Earth and Heaven in your heart. Breathe. This is what assists you in finding a greater balance for yourself in your life.

This TotalSoulGym Experience i offer, includes everything to live a sacred day-to-day life. So just welcome 2017! Lots of radiant love for each of you!Blessings!


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