Full moon Capricorne-Cancer, emotional issues and Leo rising!Calling us

by ToT on July 19, 2016

twitterimageHappy full moon, dear you!

Capricorn-Cancer, family, routs, genetics, emotional issues, and our emotional structure, karma(lack of love), limits, the alchemy we came her to make, and the need to connect inside to change our destiny.

July was asking us to rest and self-care. Could we?
Seriously with this Capricorne moon, focus and accept the inner work you need to do/feel, it is inside yourself.

Full moon illuminate shadows, pains, fears, our old issues, hidden things, needs and structures that no longer work.

Your longings, dreams, utopias , are whispering, can you hear?

Where do you need more freedom?

As this takes place, everyone is having a chance to release old energies and open the balance and new ways for themselves.

Could you be gentle to yourself?Which obligations are not needed anymore?

What are you used to do,  to feel loved?or to receive approval or recognition?

Our old emotional structure is breaking down to include change, transformation and more Love.

I love to share my Totalsoulgym with all of you!

Focus  your consciousness and your intention to go inside yourself, breathe-receive the Divine Presence,  feel your inner Presence guiding you to a new way of living here on Earth.
Feel Love and Connection inside yourself, breath and allow this light love and God to land in your body and transmute all this. Allow Universe and life´s energy to cleanse and transmute everything now, to land in your genealogical tree, and every ancestor, across all time dimension, space and reality…allow, open your bodies of energy and receive this blessing and healing energy, guide this enegy in that part of your body you need it, yes this easy. Breathe. Release.Allow.

We are pushed to feel deeply our issues and what needs to come into the light of our consciousness to be healed, released and liberated. It is not an intellectual search.

“As it is inside it is outside”, the outer world reflects my inner world, they are united…

Feel the love vibration, presence, then it will reflect outside of you, in all of your relationships. Each of us functions as a conduit. When we remember all of who we are when we manifest, we create form filled with light and intelligence that is responsive to our needs.


Leo starts, let´s create, feel the divine creator wanting to shine and perform your talents!

Welcome and embrace your Soul now,  tune to Love.

Lots of Love and Light for each of you! See you soon! you are always invited to try the TotalSoulGym Experience!


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