Gemini full blue moon, a chance to understand, more Love available!

by ToT on May 21, 2016

Full moon, re-education and mental rewiring now!Let go and open space For more Love

by ToT on May 21, 2016

 taller de la diosa

Full moon Saggitarius-Gemini

Are we making a quantum leap now?Watch your Mind, reeducation and rewiring our minds is essential, times to access Ascension. A new way of life, freedom to be yourself.

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Full moon Sagittarius-Gemini, bring revelations at this time, understanding how co-creation really works, you are a co-creator with the Source of all, Love, you are creating with your vibrational freequency, how are you lowering your vibration with your thoughts, the way you think and interpretate “reality”creates that reality.

Another reality is available…inside of you.

This is truly…a chance…an opportunity for you
to redesign your life.

Thousands of successful people from all around the world are very committed to their personal growth. We need more people focussed in their personal responsibility and growth. This collective vibration will shift the planet.We are creating new neuronal routes in our brains, to accept-activate the new paradigms. Adaptability is one of them.

We can live with more ease, in grace,  consciously aligned with the source of love that we are…feeling the resolution of our conflicts, forgiving everything, asking and receiving divine help for this, and being open to receive, etc…

The healing is finishing…and we are accessing the 5th dimension, the true meaning we need to find, to feel life and truly enjoy a new life…now, right where you are.

Where is your focus today?  What thought is most prominent within you?

If it’s something that makes you feel less than… then breathe in, link with it, and let it go…….. Do this as much as you need.

Breathe in a choice to feel good. Breathe and feel your Spirit shining the new paradigms.


It is time to educate ourselves in this new way to live here on Earth. A slower rhythm, much more Light and more consciousness, respect, personal responsibility, patience and compassion, living through our sacred energy within.

We already know how things work, and the need to focus and think in a positive and hopeful and thankful perspective  this is the key in the manifestation and creation of your life.

What are you affirming in your mind? Which are the affirmations your mind is focusing on?

You will get what you think… awake to this truth.

Write down and tell Universe and your Divine Presence inside, what do you want? How do you want to feel? Discover this, work in this, you are the creator and protagonist of your life.

Let’s recibe and vibrate  love, a new rhythm and dance!





– Set up a sacred space in a way you are able to, for a ritual, and the experience of EASE to be given to you.

-Breathe and open space inside, release the old, receive, consciously receive the new energy and Divine help you need, trust, surrender, you transform like this, receive now Love , feel it in your heart, exhale Love, repeat as much as you need…allow your divine plan to happen.

Keeping our focus is a key component in feeling good in ourselves, and entering the higher flows of life, rather than resistance to it.

-Be thankful and appreciate what you are, what you have, feel it…you will reach the happiness state of consciousness.

-Treat yourself as something sacred, experience the feeling of honoring yourselves…

Doorways are opening in the mind of humanity to see the potential solutions to all of world’s problems and more hearts are opening every day on earth. These same doorways can open in your own mind to bring win-win solutions to your life, and all you need to do is believe and trust everything can and will work out for you and project this into the unified field.

You are the creator of your life, co-creating with the source of Love, take this path…

in love and service, i send each of you lots of love for this  period, 2016 is asking us for a new vibration, and Universe will bring us the miracles we all deserve.



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