Wesak full moon Scorpio-Taurus, transformation for a more passionate and fulfilling life

by ToT on April 22, 2016

Dear All, Wesak moon again, renewing  everything!

Stop. Silence, stillness, patience to listen, feel, sense and transform can be the keywords.

How do you feel about yourself and your body? And about passion, intimacy, and transformation?

How do you treat yourself?

Do you feel powerful and satisfied?

How is your connection to life?Do you have enough placer and fulfilment?

Time for an inner pulse now, earth-Taurus and water-Scorpio, feminine energies, to feel sense and transform. Organic healing available.

taller de la diosaWe are pushed to feel deeply our issues and what needs to come into the light of our consciousness to be healed, released and liberated. It is not an intellectual search.

Scorpio moon invites us or obliges us to confront those aspects, emotions, habits, self-rejections, beliefs that we have to release and transform.


Transformation is within. Surrender there, to the deep wisdom and love that you are, and allow God´s energy(God Goddess and everything that is), Universe and life´s energy to cleanse and transmute everything now, across all time dimension, space and reality…allow, open your bodies of energy and receive this blessing and healing energy in that part of your body you need it, yes this easy. Breathe. Release.

Scorpio rules the underworld, the darkness, crisis, alchemy and regeneration.Taurus rules the organic rhythm, life, placer, senses, sensual connection and joy du vivre.

Hidden desires, and new ways to live, to love, to create, come into the light now.

From hardest times we emerge better and stronger than before.  Pluto, rules Scorpio, and it is all about transforming yourself.

Your biggest fears, wounds, traumas, may come up for healing. There are inherited and collective beliefs guiding you to a different path, not your divine plan.

You need to activate your divine plan connecting to the Divine within yourself.

Feel, with your heart and whole body, what do you truly want?

Feel your gut center, and sense, is it open?

to love, money, placer, sex, joy, abundance, transformation, peace?

Go into the darkness. Don’t be afraid of it. Go to your caverns, and aknoledge those aspects of yourself that hide there. Set them free, recovering your power, embracing and accepting them, just that by now. Don´t judge yourself, dissolve judgements for ever…

Venus with Uranus in Aries(in cuadrature with Pluto) give us the strength and courage to passionatly face and win this inner battles. We are evolving. If you don´t transform inside you will feel this battle outside with others. Watch your relationships, they are your mirror.

“As it is inside it is outside”, the outer world reflects my inner world, they are united…

Mars retrograde is asking us to redo, rethink, reconsider every action, and re-connect with our deepest desires, directions and goals. Take time to breath deeply and sense your true longings.

Our contribution. Our real service here, our real work to do, is on ourselves.

Don´t judge blame or complain, and feel the shift in your energy.Experiment this for a big while and see what happens to your life…

lots of love and violet flames for this intense and liberating time!


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