Equinox, full moon with eclipse and rebirthing times!

by ToT on March 22, 2016

taller de la diosa


Easter re-birthing times

&Full moon Aries-Libra with eclipse to interrupt the old ways of living here

Welcome Dear Ones to a place where you can explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in what you attract from the exterior world! Happy equinox and full moon & eclipse, to all of you!

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This eclipse will help us, to cut, interrupt, old dynamics, dialogues, relationships, addictions, habits, thoughts, old stories, ideas and beliefs. We can re-design everything now, assuming total responsibility  in the re-education of our minds and conscient co-creation of our lives.

Aries, me, and Libra , we-you, us, how are we going to be more happy together?

We need to start in ourselves first, re-aligning ourselves and vibrating more love.

Aries activates the Inner Warrior, autonomy, also the animal of power, and the need to work with this inner presences to balance our relationships.

Animal of Power: Discover instinct and wisdom as allies inside yourself. Feel your strength and connection to Mother Earth through your Animal of Power. You can call it whenever you need to feel safe, strong or when you need to make decisions. Learn to develop a relationship with this powerful ally and feel the active protection it can give you. You can even transform violence through this close relationship.

Inner Warrior: He conquers and achieves what you want, outside in the world. You have his help to develop security, affirmation and connection to what you want and desire. You’ll set up habits that serve you, that are designed to ‘energetically’ attract or ‘allow’ your desires to come forth in your life. This inner character (Mars in your Natal Chart) also speaks about your masculine energy inside of you and the masculine energy you attract to your life.

Inner Goddess and Inner Warrior creates your Inner Marriage, develop…Love between them inside.

Inner Sacred Marriage

Cooperation replaces competition now, the win win way is the way.
We must shine our light stronger into the darkness now, into every corner and cell in our personal and collective bodies, where fear and hate still hide. Aries brings Courage and we can work together to create a new paradigm of life here on Earth.

We are marrying our Humanity with our Divinity now in this new species we are destined to be.

Observe yourself, observe your mind, educate your mind. We need to know deeply ourselves now, defense mechanisms, wounds and fears, your Light (what you know about yourself) and your Shadow (what you reject, criticize, admire and don’t think you are). This is to free yourself and access you to be, who you truly are.

How is your inner marriage?How is the relationship between your mind and your body? And between your humanity and your divinity?

Your external relationships are giving you this information.

Time discover another way to work with ourselves and to live here on this New Earth.

Once you met your inner Goddess and inner Warrior, we can work in the balance between masculine and feminine energies and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You can work in this to achieve a great, loving and fulfilling internal marriage. The imbalance of these two powerful energies leads to a great human disfunction and wound. Make inside, this healing change for yourself, and your relationships with others will be transformed.

You are responsible for this, no one else is.

It is time, to redesign our lives from the Soul source. Ego is dissolving, it is meant to be, Soul is growing. Feel this growing in your heart, time to grow in love and respect for yourself. This is the key for everything, the love you can develop for yourself.

You are a being of light, you have a light body. You can recalibrate your energies and to align with who you truly are, to access the 5th dimension, where everything is perfect just as it is. Or you can fight and struggle and stay in the old world. You can choose.

You can also choose your thoughts, your thoughts control the energy flow within and around you. Whatever you think about determines how you feel and what you experience. Your chakras will express this.

Feel and allow Love to be a part of you in this moment. From any given moment in which you are living, you may expand that out until it infuses your entire being and your entire life.

There has never been a more powerful time to do this light-work.

Ascended masters, teachers, angels and our family of light are uniting to help us so that we may complete the current cycle, our old way of living here on Earth.

Ask for this help, invoice and receive it. It  is time to transform old ideas, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, breath in and out with this intention, allow the light to transmute all of this, it works!

We can rebuild our lives, from the Soul effortlessly …can you really believe it?

Relationships are on the screen right now, Forgive the past, forgive yourself and forgive humanity, allow Forgiveness to inhabit your inner space, start all over again, it is possible!!!!You will be free!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance “– Oscar Wilde

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.” – Walt Whitman
“Self-love is the greatest of all flatterers” – F. Rochefoucauld
“I don’t like myself, I’m crazy about myself” – Mae West
Work with the mirror in every way, as a reflection,  to speak to yourself, engage with yourself, forgive yourself, fall in love with yourself, this is the key for having a great relationship with someone else. And if you are having trouble with someone else, take the projections home, find out that you are creating this problems inside yourself, and you’ll find the answer, be responsible and you’ll have the power to transform this inside. If you feel like a victim, forgive the past, the ones that hurt you in the past and forgive yourself, you’ll be out of the victim’s hole forever.
Stop the suffering inside, at home (inside yourself), then everything else will reflect this new relationship, you have this power.
Love is inside yourself, can never leave you, is always there, you have to go for it, activate it!,  no one can do this for you, there is a huge amount of divine help to conquer our relationship with our inner-higher-self, our Divinity, and let her command our lives.
Just shine,
In love and service, ToT





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