Fall in love with yourself, and be indestructible! 8-8-8 Gate now!

by ToT on August 7, 2015


Dear you All:taller de la diosa

Full moon in Leo-Aquarius,  shaking us to create, to express, to consciously change our life. I AM…

Open your heart to the Golden Lion Gate tomorrow 8-8-8, Receive, regenerate, release, allow and find love in everything.


What is your heart longing to express?

What is your inner child wanting to create?

What is that unique energy you brought to change the world?Recognize it, it is time.

Dance, sing, paint, imagine, play, sculpt, create, express, pray, recycle, feel yourself expressing your art, your energy.

Ask yourself…this will shift your mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

What an intense year we are living, the shift and ascension are here, and we are still integrating those parts/aspects of ourselves we didn´t love before…our rejected energies. Our unresolved energies are yelling to be finally integrated, transformed, alchemized.

We are starting all over again, in a new way…

Break free now, it is a year for :

-Heart centered actions and quicker creations

-Goddess activation, (she knows what happiness means to you)

-Inner Sacred Marriage activation.(if it is inside, it will reflect outside in your relationships)

-Soul life -radical life changes -coming unstuck (in the areas you are)

-opening to greater vision -going from lower mind-ego, to high heart operational. Source of Love.

-choosing the LOVE door, way, response -working in your vibration(thoughts and feelings) and trusting in it! -a new vibration-new opportunities opening

-pineal gland activation

-opening to receive…your highest good and Grace(God Goddess everything that is…favor) -releasing karma completely -recalibration, resurrection, rejuvenation -consciously and unconsciously allowing your Divine Plan to happen -consciously creating our new earth Karmic patterns are meant to dissolve,your true self-Love is ready to command,take the responsibility.

We have divine help to accomplish this goals. Your own light can dissolve old patterns, karma, genetic-inheritance, issues, blocks, and can shift you to the 5th dimension. Any external relationship can give you this kind of Love you are longing for. Re-establish trust in your self and in your ability to connect to your Source. Develop inspired practices that uplift your energy and soothe your emotions. Express your power confidently in the world.

Do you know yourself, your energy and your unconscious dynamics?Light and Shadow are dancing, creating… Astrology help us to acknowledge our total self, limiting patterns and beliefs, talents, faster than any other tool. To be…that´s the thing, this is our first mission here on earth, to be… what we already are. It is enough. After this times of tension we will resurrect into the new life. new self. Simplify.

I hope each of you can feel a responsible Conscious Creator, a powerful divine being making a human experience, learning how to use magic powers. Feeling guided by Universe and your Soul, supported, protected, totally loved…

Love is already here,there, we just need to tune to this frequency. The feminine way is now open, the effortless way, Grace, Ease, Joy,adaptability, flexibility, attracting to us… the transformation through Love…

You can use my TotalSoulgym rituals and exercises(find them in previous post)

This is a transformational passive-inner work, growing in feeling, receiving the divine assistance-connection, evolving emotionally such as we did it, mentally, now magnetizing through feeling and mind all together, surrendering to what it is, your truth within, your path, your best choice, your Soul´s plan. Without feeling there is no healing, The Power of your Love lifts the whole planet.

Slowing Down your Internal Energy to be In Tune with the Planetary Shift, is fundamental now, and the construction of the new self/new earth. Know how to enter to the new Lion Gate, fresh and inspired — The TotalSoulGymexperience can help you. A transformation through Love…

Find the power of your Goddess to command your path. Light Activation, opening space.. inhabiting the Light Body Embodying your Soul.

Your body treasures everything and it is waiting for your love, focus, attention, resurrection and rejuvenation. So, discover what is your true frequency — True self, cosmic identity, energetic DNA Raising your vibration is your job and the key now. As we know, this does not take place without positive thoughts and feelings.

  • It is about love, acceptance, allowing. We are having the  opportunity to open to self-love and acceptance.Remember we are learning how to embrace the truths of our light and dark sides. Destiny is the meeting between my light and my shadow. Relate to your shadow as well as to your light, love every aspect of your total-self, and so, change your destiny.The sacred inner marriage is your own creation…
  • Lots of Radiant love
  • in Love and Service, ToT



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