Full moon Cancer-Capricorne, our issues in the light

by ToT on June 30, 2015

Full moon Capricorne-Cancer, our issues in the light…

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by TOT on JUNE 30, 2015[EDIT]


Welcome dear Ones to this space filled with love and the new paradigms and energies birthing.










Happy full moon,  Capricorn-Cancer, family, routs, genetics, emotional issues, and our structure, karma(lack of love), limits, the alchemy we came her to make, and the need to become our authority now.

Light is needed in making peace with our past, we choose this family, environment, body, etc. as a Soul, we need to include this now, this will help us to build, structure and give birth to the new ways of living here on the New Earth.

Full moon illuminate shadows, pains, fears, our old issues, hidden things, needs and structures that no longer work, we are creating the new systems, and some buried ideals could burst forth, begging to be applied to our lives.

Your longings, dreams, utopias , are whispering, can you hear?

As this takes place, everyone is having a chance to release old energies and open the balance and new ways for themselves.

This is a way to transition any illness you may have or whatever else may be going on.

Healing is taking place .Breathe, feel your inner body, allow your Light body to infuse energy into every area of your life.

As we make a return to the light of our presence, we recognize that it is possible to live in paradise here on earth, a land of co-creation, unity and understanding.  We can experience God-Goddess everything that is… holding our hands and guiding us to create what resonates with our hearts so the blessings flow forth to us in our physical lives.

Lets try some Total Soul Gym.IMG_1722

  • DNA, past lives and cellular memories, are still affecting us.  Lets work with clearing on this cellular, physical level.
  • Decide to cleanse all of this Now. You decide, you have the power. Feel it in your heart.
  • Forgive now everything you need to forgive…
  • Once this is cleared, we  have the alignment cleared with the mental and emotional bodies. New neuronal routes are being created.
  • Staying in the emotional trauma, or the thoughts that supported the problem re-create the physical symptoms, this are the old neuronal routes.
  • St. Germain offers us, his purple flame through everything clearing the known, unknown, conscious and unconscious. This creates  instantly  more energy and healing recycled energy.
  • Breathing and invocation, the simplest way to open all energy channels in your body, just breath slowly, inhabit your body.Ask for Divine help, receive it…
  • It is very exciting to share with you a new approach to Wholeness, to the Total-Self, Oneness. This other way of living consciously, learning to inhabit the 5th dimension, this frequency of love, were you can feel that everything is perfect just as it is.— Close your eyes and feel your Heart power and radiation. Be there. Land there. Breathe with your belly, sacred uterus, stomach, gut center, inhabit to heal there.
  • Decide to Activate your Divine Plan. Surrender to your Soul´s guide.
  • We are moving into a different age of spiritual awakening and unity of consciousness, and I invite you to join this universal movement, the party is inside yourself. I will repeat this truth until you experience it!I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel loved, relaxed, adaptable, playful, in charge of your freedom, nutrition and happiness, to let go whatever idea or belief  may be around you and allow yourself to think only of this moment.
  • Focus  your consciousness and your intention to go inside yourself, breathe-receive the Goddess Presence  feel your inner Goddess guiding you to a new way of living here on Earth.
  • Feel Love and Connection inside yourself, then it will reflect outside of you, in all your relationships.Each of us functions as a conduit. When we hold an awareness of our inner beauty, physical bounty flows forth through the frequencies of our self love and regard.  When we remember all of who we are when we manifest, we create form filled with light and intelligence that is responsive to our needs.Welcome and embrace the Goddess now, be the Goddess, no matter you are a man of a woman, she guides us all to Love.Lots of Love and Light for each of you! See you soon! you are always invited to try the TotalSoulGym Experience!
  • It is about love, acceptance, allowing. We are having the  opportunity to open to self-love and acceptance.Remember we are learning how to embrace the truths of our light and dark sides. Destiny is the meeting between my light and my shadow. Relate to your shadow as well as to your light, love every aspect of your total-self, and so, change your destiny.The sacred inner marriage is your own creation…
  • in Love and Service, ToT


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