Pisces New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse, Equinox and new energy here!

by ToT on March 19, 2015

 twitterimage     Dear you All!

  What an enlightening and emotional time we are living, everything is in the light now! Our shadow(our rejected and ignored aspects) is asking for more love, through external circumstances and people reflecting our inner issues.

  Keep observing yourself deeply, engaging with yourself and your divinity inside, and dissolve judgement,  the new portal for manifestation will appear in front of you, listen, trust and take guided actions!                         

Eclipses interrupts, cuts, an old identity is being interrupted now,

   to give birth to the new YOU! Or coming back to you…coming back                


Total solar eclipse and New Moon in last degree of Pisces, dissolving…then Equinox March 20th 2015…

Wow! The lunar creative cycle starts with an eclipse, the full moon Aries-Libra, April 4th will bring new awarenesses about relationships (my new message will be posted at that time)

Aries rising, ends and beginnings are shaking us to truly awake ourselves in this era of Aquarius.

Pluto and Uranus finishing their dance to transform our world and the ways of living here.

A new ritual is needed. Create your own ritual.

Prepare your environment to support the experience you’re about to have.

You can light some candles or sit in your favorite place, or in nature, sitting in a tree, your balcony, walking in nature,  in a bath tub, in bed, whatever you feel like, you can choose what best suits you.

 Take a deep breath, relax, release all the tensions, ask for divine help, and then allow your body and mind to be alert and focused on what opens up for you during this day, and next month.

During the ritual, say good bye and thank you to what is not bringing you joy, enthusiasm and happiness into your life. Make space for the new things to merge. Use your breathing to let go, and to expand the new space inside your body.

Dream. Allow, allow, allow your divine plan to happen. Sit in silence, embrace stillness.

Invoke and receive, Grace, ease, miracles, passion and everything you long for, is here for you,

Heaven on Earth is possible!

Ask yourself.

Are you open to your divinity? Do you treat yourself as sacred?
Are you allowing the flow of abundance and opportunities to move through your life?
Are you receptive and open?

Just decide and say Yes, allow your highest path possible to manifest, feel your Divinity in your Heart, feel the Love you already are, take action from there.

Any thing you can envision in your mind, and feel in your Heart, can be attracted and manifested in your life. Be careful with the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind during this time.

How is the film in your mind?Are you envisioning a happy and magnificent future for yourself and the world?It is time to do it, seriously and joyfully.

We are creating -all together-a New Earth, ‘the Golden Era’, ‘the New Dream’, ‘the Heaven on Earth Time’ — different names from different cultures, but all offer us magical visions of the transformation and change we are living.

This new era heralds a paradigm shift in consciousness and energy, a shift in the way we have operated in the world up until now.

Humanity is evolving, creating new forms.Adapting. Becoming flexible.

-Discovering inner power .

-Focussing in “Feeling” to empower your manifestation.

-Healing relationship wounds, inside of us.

-Creating- inside of us -a Sacred Marriage.

(all of this subjects will guide us through this year)

see you in the full moon!

Blessings, love and peace for each of you!



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