Pisces here, magic times, the gate in your Heart

by ToT on February 28, 2015

Dear you all!   in spanishhttp://www.soulgymxandrealoustalet.blogspot.com

Time to swim new waters, learning how to surrender to what it is… how to float without tension…

Ease…finding my true rhythm, feeling, receiving the info my body and feelings are giving me.

In your Heart you can experience the opening gate, we need purification and to find the lack of weight, the peace, and absence of worries, i find there my Light, my Divinity.

How are you feeling right now?

Feel and just say: “I accept it”Transformation will start.

Intense times, physical and emotional shifts and healing are available to all of us now, we are receiving the info about our place in the world,  next steps, new self, paradigms, definitions and regeneration.


Let´s practice some Total Soul Gym!

Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself . To activate your Body of Light. Visualize it if you can,  and feel it. Activate, invoke your Divine Presence within your body.

Breathe… be there, present, receive, info, Light and Divine Love to dissolve the old, now.


Open your mind and your heart, acknowledge your lack of love,  feel it , own your wound, decree your intention of receiving the perfect healing codes just for you. Affirm: “I allow my Divine Plan to happen””I am free””I am renewing myself and all of my relationships now””I want to love and accept myself completely now”. I allow my dreams to materialize!”

Affirm your Intention of healing and expressing your true self, and higher plans.

Connect to Mother Earth Gaia now, develop strong routes to her centre and a cord from your Heart to Her´s. This light is available to you, simply by connecting your heart to Mother Gaia’s heart (the earthcore) daily and drawing the light of Gaia into your heart. This light will attune your vibrational energy to its correct rate or speed, so you to be able to hold a clear positive focus in life on what you wish to create with your energy and time.

Breathe… Now, breathe in and breathe out, transform through conscious breathing everything in your heart, letting go energies that no longer work for you.


Think about Compassion…

I love to define it as: A practice and expression of moving from judgements to love.

Breath deeply feeling how it washes through your whole body. Do it 3 times slowly.

Invoke Compassion and feel it in your Heart, wait until you feel the warmth in your Heart.

Vibrate and expand this feeling and energy inside of you, and irradiate it then to every cell atom and electron in your body, and then outside.


Your energy will be raised .

Pisces is asking for union, dissolution of the limits and blockages, so your Soul and Sprit can express through you.

The more we inhibit our Hearts, we help to elevate the energy around us.

Operating, deciding and living from our Heart will change it all. Find the flow of love there.

Access and feel the love that you are.

in love and service




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