Eclipse & full moon Libra -Aries, relationship issues…

by ToT on October 10, 2014

Welcome Dear Ones to a place where you can explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in what you attract from the exterior world! Happy eclipse and full moon to all of you!

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Here we are, we can feel the new energy moving in our bodies.Eclipse and full moon!

Eclipse in Aries interrupts our old way of functioning up to now, our Inner Warrior will be renewed to achieve what we truly want, the longings of our Soul. This is a powerful time that will direction us for a period.

“…Relationship issues are at the core of this lunar eclipse and full moon. 

You’re being asked to create a balance between giving and receiving, between being close and having your own time.”

“This Full Moon may bring to your awareness where you are out of balance. Where in your natal chart is this happening? 14 degrees of Libra-Aries.

Where have you been giving and/or doing too much and not receiving in equal measure? Do what supports your balance.”

We are still releasing old pains trapped in our bodies of energy.

The sun Libra, ruled by Venus,  the inner Goddess, now in Libra, is shining in her house now, activating our cells to ascend, to shift dimensions and different paradigms, and granting us the possibility to start all over again, inhabiting this new paradigm,  to live consciously, in a slower rhythm, in a gentler way, celebrating…with you, with others and Gaia-Mother Earth.

Aries where the moon is , activates the Inner Warrior, now in Sagittarius, new freedom, meaning and expansion, and the need to work with this inner presence to balance our relationships.

Inner Warrior: He conquers and achieves what you want, outside in the world. You have his help to develop security, affirmation and connection to what you want and desire. You’ll set up habits that serve you, that are designed to ‘energetically’ attract or ‘allow’ your desires to come forth in your life. This inner character (Mars in your Natal Chart) also speaks about your masculine energy inside of you and the masculine energy you attract to your life.

Inner Goddess and Inner Warrior creates your Inner Marriage, develop…Love between them, inside.

Inner Sacred Marriage

How is your inner marriage?How is the relationship between your mind and your body? And between your humanity and your divinity?

Your external relationships are giving you this information.

Time to discover another way to work with ourselves and to live here on this New Earth.

Once you met your inner Goddess and inner Warrior, we can work in the balance between masculine and feminine energies and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You can work in this to achieve a great, loving and fulfilling internal marriage. The imbalance of these two powerful energies leads to a great human disfunction and wound. Make inside, this healing change for yourself, and your relationships with others will be transformed.

You are responsible for this, no one else is.

It is time, to redesign our lives from the Soul source. Ego is dissolving, it is meant to be, Soul is growing. Feel this growing in your heart, time to grow in love and respect for yourself. This is the key for everything, the love you can develop for yourself.

You are a being of light, you have a light body. You can recalibrate your energies and to align with who you truly are, to access the 5th dimension, where everything is perfect just as it is. Or you can fight and struggle and stay in the old world. You can choose.

You can also choose your thoughts, your thoughts control the energy flow within and around you. Whatever you think about determines how you feel and what you experience. Your chakras will express this.

Feel and allow Love to be a part of you in this moment. From any given moment in which you are living, you may expand that out until it infuses your entire being and your entire life.

There has never been a more powerful time to do this light-work.

Ascended masters, teachers, angels and our family of light are uniting to help us so that we may complete the current cycle, our old way of living here on Earth.

Ask for this help, invoice and receive it. It  is time to let go of old ideas, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, breath in and out with this intention, it works!

We can rebuild our lives, from the Soul effortlessly …can you really believe it?

Let me share some  Total Soul Gym with you!

If you are willing to release disempowering thoughts, and the old way of living here on earth, hold the intention of being centered in peaceful power, decide to inhabit yourself as much as you can, feel it… you decide you command… claim this power.

  • Ask for the presence of your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, Love, your Soul, your Divinity.
  • Close your eyes and breath to your heart center. Land there with your mind. Receive the column of light filling your entire body and aura.
  • Once you choose to fill your sacred space-temple-channel-physical body with light you will experience for yourself its transformational powers of dissolving illusion, ego,  false belief systems, disease, inherited ways to live life .
  • Feel the presence of your Divinity… As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it, you can know what it’s like to be who you are, you can know that you are connected to source energy because of that, who you are.
  • Ask for the resolution of all of  your relationships conflicts.
  • So breathe deeply, breathe down and let that wash through you.
  • This is grounding you into your physical reality. Take a deeper breath that moves through you and down into the  center of Earth, linking with the Earth’s energy.
  • As you allow the energies of the Earth to flow back up within you, feel the essence of Gaia-Mother Earth and the essence of what it is to be wherever you are right now.
  • Take a deep cleansing breath and affirm: “I am harmoniously aligned with the ceaseless flow of supply and love that springs from the golden fountain of light within my center. I love and accept myself just as i am.

Get ready to jump into this other dimension that is waiting for us!

Your Divine Presence is here, within you and will awaken as you wish it too… to enlighten your world here.


Ask yourself every day, -”Am i vibrating what i want to attract to my life?”

It is time to awake to this truth,  and to be truly responsible, we attract what we, THINK-FEEL-VIBRATE…

Verbs for the Goddess to command your life: appreciate, feel, and respect what you feel and need as much as you respect what you think. Embrace, accept, include, listen, forgive, rest, pray, trust, receive, love, attract.

Welcome and embrace the Goddess now, be the Goddess, no matter you are a man of a woman, she guides us all to Love.

 in love and serice
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