Full moon Gemini-Sagittarius! Total consciousness now!

by ToT on June 12, 2014

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Happy full moon Gemini-Sagittarius!Total consciousness available for All!Enlighten your unconsciousness, this is the meaning of this full moon.


It is time to actualize the mind plane, observe your mind, develop the witness…new ideas, paradigms, connections, ways and communication are here to create the New Earth.

How is your inner dialogue going on?Is it supportive and loving, or it is judgmental and disempowering?

You are in charge of this, you can change this, and just this, will bring you magic achievements.

 “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.” 
Eckhart Tolle

This understanding represents the principle of the Law of Attraction in action. As you learn to change your thoughts, you can change the energy of any situation. Since you are a creative being, your thoughts and feelings determine what you experience. Your thoughts about what is happening precede your experience, and thus determine it. Emotions, which are triggered by your thoughts, are your sixth sense, indicating whether your thoughts are aligned or misaligned with the perspective of your Inner Being. 

We are creating -all together-a New Earth, ‘the Golden Era’, ‘the New Dream’, ‘the Heaven on Earth Time’ — different names from different cultures, but all offer us magical visions of the transformation and change we are living.

This new era heralds a paradigm shift in consciousness and energy, a shift in the way we have operated in the world up until now.

Humanity is evolving, creating new forms.Adapting. Becoming flexible.

-Discovering inner power .

-Healing relationship wounds, inside of us.

-Creating- inside of us -a Sacred Marriage.

(all of this subjects will guide us through this year)

Moon in Sagittarius help us feel bigger, also trust and faith.The need to search…

Ascended masters, teachers, angels and our family of light are united to help us so that we can create the new visions .

                                                       Let’s exercise with some TotalSoulGym!

It is time to let go of old ideas, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, so that we can rebuild our lives, from the Soul.  Actualize your mental self now.

Transforming through Love.The Return of the Goddess, feminine ways.

Invoke Love, invoke the power of love.Breath and open to receive, open your body,  inhabit  it through Love.

Once you are “tuned”into the Love frequency, inhabiting this Love frequency, you become a transformer. Surrender to this form and re-create…

“Love is the medicine that accelerates healing. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your enemies, but begin with self-love. You cannot love others until you love yourself. You cannot share what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

One day I woke up and realised that I needed to be my greatest supporter. If I didn’t believe in myself, no one else would.

Sidonie Bouchet © 2013

“Make your statement of intent, not your statement of what you are afraid of. Speak of what you want, not of what you don’t want. We know that sounds ridiculously simple, but that really is it. Just more statements of what you want, and fewer statements of your fear of not getting it right.”


the ritual

  • Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself . To activate your Body of Light. Visualize it if you can,  and feel it.
  • Activate, invoke your Divine Presence within your body.
  • Breathe… be there, present, receive, info, Light and Divine Love to dissolve the old, now. Awake.
  • Open your mind and your heart, name your unresolved energy, feel , own your wound, decree your intention of receiving the perfect healing codes just for you.
  • Affirm: “I allow my Divine Plan to happen”
  • Affirm your Intention of healing and expressing your true self.
  • Connect to Mother Earth Gaia now, develop strong routes to her centre and a cord from your Heart to Her´s. This light is available to you, simply by connecting your heart to Mother Gaia’s heart (the earthcore) daily and drawing the light of Gaia into your heart. This light will attune your vibrational energy to its correct rate or speed, so you to be able to hold a clear positive focus in life on what you wish to create with your energy and time.
  • Breathe…
  • Now breathe in and breathe out, letting go energies that no longer work for you.
  • Receive everything you feel, embrace everything in your heart, receive this info your body is giving to you. Just feeling, accepting how and what you feel will transform you.
  • Don’t stop using the breathing to release and open more space inside.
  • Land there, this is your true base in your Heart.
  • Feel the Oneness… join the divine love, unite with Earth and Heaven in your heart. Breathe.This is what assists you in finding a greater balance for yourself in your life.

See you soon, warmest hug !

in love and service ToT


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