Pisces job is done, happy equinox and welcome Aries energy!

by ToT on March 20, 2014

Welcome dear ones and happy equinox , a new zodiac cycle starts now!

Aries is here and Uranus  is helping us to re-design, co-create consciously  awake and feel our true and unique self.

Starting all over, choosing new thoughts, new ways to live here on Earth,  searching for love, balance, placer, repairing, satisfaction and unity.

Irradiating, creating from the heart-soul centre.

Where do we need to focus with the  light of  consciousness?

Everything that is happening now,  is giving us the information we need to continue evolving into the 5th dimension.

What is the essence behind all of this?

It is to feel good and to be happy.

If  you are in the habit of feeling happy and feeling good, no matter what the situation may be, if you are in the habit of infusing this Lightbody energy into whatever the situation may be, then you will find that you manifest with greater and greater ease.

Breathe deeply and feel how this possibility resonates within you.

Most people are unhappy, and they are unhappy because there is no love in their hearts.


Ask yourself, ask to your Soul, “What do you want?”What is my passion?What did i came to express?

much love


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