Leo-Aquarius full moon, open your Heart to this purifying wave of energy

by ToT on August 20, 2013

Welcome beloved Ones! in spanish here:

Open your Hearts, land there now and forever!Stay there. Breathe. Feel the waves of purifying energy. Breath, release let go…New paths can be created now!

Heart Bright yellow 
Full Moon in Aquarius, the Sun still shinning in Leo to awake and grow our self-love… it is time to Actualize yourself in the present time, the creative Now.
If you can recognize your talents, gifts and abilities, you will remember… your New Self will use them in service to others. 

This full moon is showing us where, we are still feeling like slaves, needing to break free from old paradigms, tyrants , negative thoughts, criticism,  and old concepts.

Ascension means: holding more Light ,  learning how to raise our vibration, creating consciously the New Earth, and our New Selves and way of Life.

Love is the foundation for everything. And self-love is the expression of what that is. Everything that you do within your life is about finding that expression of who you are, finding that expression of how you want to embody love.

If you take the next step out from love it’s becoming empowered. When you know who you are and when you know that you have unconditional love as the foundation for everything that you do, you are unstoppable!

I ´d like to share some TotalSoulGym  with you. Ritual-Meditation



Allow yourself to focus your attention in your heart centre. Breathe, feel your Heart as an open Space within you, move deep within your being, to this creative centre …breath, and feel the light of love moving with your awareness.


  The light of the presence is always moving towards you, seeking you.


-Welcome the light and find stillness in your heart, you are learning how to be in your Heart…how to pay attention to your Heart, ask your Heart to reveal and express whatever is needed now…Release and let go …


-Breathe and allow your defences to fall away.  Open yourself up to receive the acknowledgement, recognition and support you long for.  As you breathe feel the energies pulse back and forth along your Heart.  It is a doorway to creation, understanding and truth.


-Notice any feelings of being unworthy, of not being good enough, any feelings that don’t allow your light and love to flow.  Feel these dissolving in the purity of your Heart Centre.


Allow the Universe to flow through your heart . You are a gateway, a channel for this light-love, for these blessings.


You are more than the person that is living this life in which you exist. You are an immense being of light.




in love and service





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