Full moon Leo-Aquarius, your New Self is here!

by ToT on July 21, 2013

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Welcome Home beloved Dear Ones!










Fall in love with yourself exactly the way that you are!

  • Get grounded, experience deep serenity and tap your inner wisdom.Breathe…
  • Expand your capacity to love, feel and heal your tender heart
  • Feel the emergence of sexual vibrancy, passion and ecstatic joy
  • Reclaim your beauty, invoice your Goddess, embrace sensuality and your natural feminine organic rhythm

This full moon Leo-Aquarius, is helping us to birth into our New Self.

Our greatest purpose here is to know love, be love, and give and express ourselves  from our love-heart center so all who are connected with us may also know this love and we can experience, Oneness, unity consciousness.

I now invite you to look with your inner eyes. Are you vibrating true love for yourself?Look around inside. As you do so, consciously invite something to come to your awareness of which you were not aware.  You allow all of that to wash over you and you feel even greater awareness of your own self.

Let´s exercise with some TotalSoulGym!

-Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself .To activate your Body of Light. Visualize it, feel it.
-Be there, present, receive, info, Light and Divine Love to heal now. Awake.
Elevate your vibration. Open your mind and your heart, decree your intention of loving yourself as much as you can.”I allow my Divine Plan to happen”
-Affirm your Intention of this.
-Connect to Mother Earth now, developing strong routes to her centre.
-Inhabit your tummy area and your heart area toqether.Breathe…
-Now breathe in and breathe out, letting go energies that no longer work for you.
-Receive everything you feel, embrace your old and present emotions in your hearts, receive this info your body is giving to you. Just feeling, accepting how and what you feel will transform you.
Don´t stop using the breathing to release and open more space inside.
-Land there, this is your true base.
-Activate, invoice, invoke  your Divinity, feel the meeting…join the divine love , unite with Earth and Heaven in your heart.Breathe.
This is what assists you in finding a greater balance for yourself in your life.

So if you are feeling physical reactions, consciously open up your energy body even further with this it flows through you with a much greater ease.

Sometimes in your everyday life when you are having physical symptoms it is because you need to re-connect  and grow more love for yourself inside.

These energies are pouring into the Earth and you have access to them as much or as little as you choose.

Breathe in deeply. Feel yourself as you’ve become this lightbody energy or this crystalline energy that you are.

Feeling into the stillness. Breathing in solitude. Letting go. Letting go again. Wondering who you are now.

What’s required is trusting, opening, attracting, allowing, softening, intuiting, listening, quieting, feeling, loving, and learning to embrace freedom, pleasure and the joy of life.


Your Divine Presence is here, within you and will awaken as you wish it too… to enlighten your world here.


Welcome home! for ever!


In love and service ToT





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