Wesak eclipse & full moon, Taurus and Scorpio

by ToT on April 24, 2013

Dear All of You,
Welcome again to this space, where you can find meaning, tools and a deeper connection to the Divine Being that you are!
With every century, people see things differently. A 21st Century worldview is emerging — of oneness, interdependence and the primacy of consciousness — but calcified institutions stay stuck in the limitations of 20th Century thinking. Our job is to be the presence of the Alternative wherever we are, always presenting another way to see the world whenever love is not put first.
Tauro’s energy is here now, and Venus — your Inner Goddess — is activated, also Mars, your inner Warrior is in Taurus, to help you shift into another dimension, a slower and pleasant way, where you can elevate your vibration. Appreciate everything now… love, find beauty, affirm it… start with yourself, can you?

Rest, smell, eat, honor, enjoy, delight, love your body, surrender to what it is… conquer this path, you will shift.

Happiness is a state of consciousness, when you can appreciate and see beauty everywhere…

I wish to share with you some TotalSoulGym…

Connect to Gaia, Mother Earth… I invite you to do it with me right now.

Take in a deep breath and as you are breathing in deeply, feel as if you’re breathing in all the way down through your body sending that breath all the way down into the earth until you feel yourself merging with the earth and feel how you develop roots there, as a beautiful tree. This allows you to anchor, this allows you to let go of anything that may be holding you back or keeping you in a space of disconnection. Breathe, open your energy to her. Feel your base chakra, it is red, breathe and expand this center.  It is the anchoring that allows you to be focused or even multi-focused without that sense of disorientation and disconnection. Enjoy Taurus!
Invoke your inner Goddess now, call her (no matter if you are a man or a woman, all of us are inhabited by her). She is Venus in your chart: love, beauty, peace, union, happiness,  open up,  include her vibration.So once you’ve allowed yourself to feel this connection to Mother Earth and to her, your Goddess, then let your energies come back up into your life and reality. Lift it up, breathe and receive.

Recognize how now you feel yourself and your own energies in a much fuller manner.
You are already very grounded now. I invite you have a sense of letting go the past and what you need to let go, thoughts and beliefs you no longer need. Then, nurture yourself, feel again everything, slowly with your senses, focus your mind into this.

Receive the divine blessings, Buddha and Jesus and their infusion of love…

Breath and open to receive with your crown chakra expanding this chakra as much as your base chakra…
Enjoy your life and create through this energy, redesign your life from this place now, let me know how it was, how it is, you are welcome to leave me your comment.
Ask for a column of loving Light, now and everyday, to nurture yourself . To activate your Body of Light. Visualize it if you can, feel it.
Activate, invoke your Divine Presence within your body.
Breathe… be there, present, receive, info, Light and Divine Love to heal now. Awake.
Open your mind and your heart, name your unresolved energy, feel , own your wound, decree your intention of receiving the perfect healing codes just for you.
Affirm: “I allow my Divine Plan to happen”
Affirm there is a deeper opening of your base chakra. The red base  chakra is an energy centre may  have difficulty opening to the same level as the crown chakra.

Now open to receive the light of Wesak from Jesus and Buddha.

Affirm your Intention of healing and expressing your true self.

This light is available to you, simply by connecting your heart to Mother Gaia’s heart (the earthcore) daily and drawing the light of Gaia into your heart. This light will attune your vibrational energy to its correct rate or speed, so you to be able to hold a clear positive focus in life on what you wish to create with your energy and time.

Now breathe in and breathe out, letting go energies that no longer work for you.
Receive everything you feel, embrace everything in your heart, receive this info your body is giving to you. Just feeling, accepting how and what you feel will transform you.
Don’t stop using the breathing to release and open more space inside.
Land there, this is your true base in your Heart.
Feel the Oneness… join the divine love, unite with Earth and Heaven in your heart. Breathe.This is what assists you in finding a greater balance for yourself in your life.

In Love and Service I hug you with violet flames of Love and Freedom! ToT

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