December 12, 21 and 22, the great Shift is here!

by ToT on December 13, 2012

Happy ReBirthday Beloved ones!

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On 12/12/12 there is a cosmic opening relative to your position along your personal ascension path.  This opening is creating the energetic portal of transcendence. -PHC

We can live with more ease, in grace,  consciously aligned with the source of love that we are…feeling the resolution of our conflicts, forgiving everything and everybody, asking and receiving divine help, etc…The healing is finishing…and we are accessing the 5th dimension, the true meaning we need to find, to feel life and truly enjoy a new life…

Receive Ease, Grace, lightness…open your minds and hearts to these possibilities Now and Here.

You must become a whole individual before you can become a part of the One.

We are Light and Shadow, needing to love each other…
Every human being is made from light and dark. All too often, we are brought up to shun the darkness within us, but the secret to joy is to do exactly the opposite. Your life journey is a quest to discover the meeting point between the brilliance and the shadows. With TotalSoulGym you will learn how to embrace the truths of your light and dark sides. Destiny is the meeting between light and shadow. Relate to your shadow as well as to your light, love every aspect of your total-self, and so, change your destiny. 

There has never been a more powerful time to do this work. In December 2012 a new era will begin, ‘the Golden Era’, ‘the New Dream’, ‘the Heaven on Earth Time’ — different names from different cultures, but all offer us magical visions of the transformation and change to come; the start of this new era will herald a paradigm shift in consciousness and energy, a shift in the way we have operated in the world up until now. It is based on the union of the energy flow between the heart and mind so that they can work in full cooperation and in balance with each other. Ascended masters, teachers, angels and our family of light are uniting to help us so that we may complete the current cycle, our old way of living here on Earth. It is time to let go of old ideas, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, so that we can rebuild our lives, from the Soul.

The TotalSoulGym Experience will work to unite your masculine and feminine energies, a process known as the Inner Sacred Marriage. With TotalSoulGym you will come to celebrate your whole being and feel your true power in the present moment. You will discover your purpose. You will know your mission on Earth and the meaning of your life.

Evolve or die, Eckhart Tolle tells those who are ready to listen.
Choose to evolve. Take the next step.

If you are finding yourself with physical symptoms that make you uncomfortable, I invite you to move through the experience. You can do this through your breathing, through aligning with your divinity or through creating a flow of energy that allows you to clear out all your energy body.

Deep breath in…… deep breath out…….

12-12-12, 21-12-12 The big shift Activation  is about using all the parts of your mind, your body, your heart, and your senses, all in service to your higher self. It’s tapping into new intelligence, new capacities and paradigms, new fields of possibility.

Breathe in a choice to feel good and accept this power.

Breathe and feel your Spirit shining the new paradigms.

Let me share some  Total Soul Gym with you!

If you are willing to release disempowering thoughts and the old way of living here on earth, hold the intention of being centered in peaceful power, decide to inhabit yourself as much as you can, feel it… you decide, you command… claim this power.

Remember that every conflict with someone else, is reflecting your inner conflict. You reject parts of your self that want to come back home,  to the totalself-your totality, instead of  blaming others, finding guilty others…Take responsibility, enlighten your shadow side. Forgive everything and everybody now, free yourself from karma forever.

You can make a ritual to feel this transformation.

Learn to love what you don´t love yet.

  • Ask for the presence of your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, Love, your Soul, your Divinity.Also ask for the presence of the Sacred Violet Flame.
  • Close your eyes and breath to your heart center and guts, all that big center. Land there with your mind. Feel and breath there.
  • Receive the column of light filling your entire body and aura.Visualize the Violet Flames working inside and outside of you.
  • Once you choose to fill your sacred space-temple-channel-physical body with light and violet flames, you will experience for yourself its transformational powers of dissolving illusion, ego,  false belief systems, disease, karma, and the inherited ways in which we live.
  • Feel the presence of your Divinity… As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it, you can know what it’s like to be who you are, you can know that you are connected to source energy because of that, who you are.
  • So breathe deeply, breathe down and let that wash through you.
  • This is grounding you into your physical reality. Take a deeper breath that moves through you and down into the  center of Earth, linking with the Earth’s energy.
  • As you allow the energies of the Earth to flow back up within you, receive and charge your body with magnetic energy, to attract what you want, feel the essence of Gaia-Mother Earth and the essence of what it is to be wherever you are right now.
  • You are preparing yourself to ascend, to shift and surf the waves of the 5th dimension, december 12th and 21st the portals and energies will help us to fly and create consciously the New Earth.


When we accept our divinity, we no longer question whether we are worthy, because we know that we are meant to be here to fulfill a particular purpose, a purpose that no one other than us can fulfill.

Small acts of kindness can heal large and old acts of sacrifice and lack of love, and only through accepting and honoring our divinity can we know what we are called to do and when.


Be present and meditate, sense your gut-feelings, learn to be centered no matter what is going on in your life.

We can use TotalSoulGym to help us work through our own chakras, inner channel, the issues and blocks that prevent our energy from flowing as it is meant to.

Lots of Love and Blessings! in love and service Tot

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