Eclipse & new moon in Scorpio

by ToT on November 13, 2012

Welcome Dear Ones!

Eclipse and new moon in Scorpio
Transformation is the key… the solar eclipse will cut / interrupt the old ways and relationships with Scorpio’s energy. Power, death, sex, transformation.

Scorpio activates our true power now. We are being called to rise like the phoenix, out of the fires of transformation, and take flight.

Time to trust our inner knowing. Time to feel our inner Presence. Time for activating our Divine Plan. Time for our Soul to guide us now.

“Scorpio requires us to go deep within ourselves, and take full responsibility for our own healing. We can forgive ourselves and practice self-acceptance to be liberated. We have to make a commitment to our heath, well-being and vitality. This will empower us to be strong, present and move forward.”

Fall in love with yourself exactly the way that you are!

  • Become grounded, experience deep serenity and tap your inner wisdom. Breathe…trust new possibilities…
  • Expand your capacity to love, feel and heal your tender heart
  • Feel the emergence of sexual vibrancy, passion and ecstatic joy
  • Reclaim your beauty, invoice your Goddess, embrace sensuality and your natural feminine organic rhythm

New Self.

Our greatest purpose here is to know love, be love, and give and express ourselves from our love-heart center, so all who are connected with us may also know this love, and we can experience Oneness, unity consciousness.

in love and service, ToT


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