Full moon & Saturn in Scorpio, regeneration time!

by ToT on October 25, 2012

Welcome Dear Ones to a place where you can explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in what you attract from the exterior world! Happy full moon!

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Happy full moon dear ones! This strong full moon, gives us the chance to feel, what we need to transform.


-How is your body feeling now?Receive the message, relate with love to that part of your body hurting or struggling .


-Are you respecting your needs or you are following the guide , desires, goals of your mind?


We are healing the misbalance between our feminine and masculine sides. The inner Sacred Marriage is here for everyone who wants to achieve it!


– Have the clear Intention


– Ask for Divine help


-Realize how is your masculine rhythm and side and when you don´t honor your needs, feelings, fears of your feminine side and rhythm.


– Keep in the light your love and support through all the process


-Honesty to admit what you are hiding to yourself and others…


Saturn moves into the sign Scorpio for the next 2 1/2 years.  Scorpio’s deep waters will have a profound effect on the world, both the personal and collective structures. Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is in Scorpio and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Capricorn. This means that all human structures, authorities, institutions, governments, parents, the law etc. are being destroyed, so we can rebuild this new earth, new dream, new cycle.

We are discovering that every limitation is inside of us. Scorpio´s energy gives us the intensity we need to vibrate the transformation inside of us. Don´t search for external enemies, take the shortcut, the enemy is inside of you, in those critics and rejections, that separate you from this energy of yours.

Accept your limits and old wounds and you will be reborn. Get strongly in contact with this…

When Saturn is in Scorpio and in this full moon, old fears are purged, wounds and emotions come into the light, that´s why we can  release them, crisis, and the opportunity exists to enlighten your shadow side.

The toxic material or emotion, memories, habits, etc. must be identified and this is when the work of Saturn in Scorpio does its best.

There will be huge opportunities to renew our lives, let go of the old, and take true responsibility in becoming co-creators of our lives.

Ask. Believe. Receive. Just the three simple steps to create what you want.

Let me share some  Total Soul Gym with you!

If you are willing to release disempowering thoughts and the old way of living here on earth, hold the intention of being centered in peaceful power, decide to inhabit yourself as much as you can, feel it… you decide, you command… claim this power.

Remember that every conflict with someone else, is reflecting your inner conflict. You reject parts of your self that want to come back home,  to the totalself-your totality, instead of  blaming others, finding guilty others…Take responsibility, enlighten your shadow side. Use Scorpio´s energy to stay focus, feel you inner Warrior´s strength. You can make a ritual to feel the transformation. Learn to love what you don´t love yet.

  • Ask for the presence of your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, Love, your Soul, your Divinity.
  • Close your eyes and breath to your heart center and guts, all that big center. Land there with your mind. Feel and breath there.
  • Receive the column of light filling your entire body and aura.
  • Once you choose to fill your sacred space-temple-channel-physical body with light you will experience for yourself its transformational powers of dissolving illusion, ego,  false belief systems, disease, and the inherited ways in which we live.
  • Feel the presence of your Divinity… As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it, you can know what it’s like to be who you are, you can know that you are connected to source energy because of that, who you are.
  • So breathe deeply, breathe down and let that wash through you.
  • This is grounding you into your physical reality. Take a deeper breath that moves through you and down into the  center of Earth, linking with the Earth’s energy.
  • As you allow the energies of the Earth to flow back up within you, receive and charge your body with magnetic energy, to attract what you want, feel the essence of Gaia-Mother Earth and the essence of what it is to be wherever you are right now.
  • Take a deep cleansing breath and affirm: “I am transforming and healing myself-and the world, through ease and grace. I am harmoniously aligned with the ceaseless flow of supply and love that springs from the golden fountain of light within my center. I love and accept myself just as I am.”
  • Thank you thank you thank you!

In love and service, Tot

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