Full moon & eclipse, the return of the Goddess

by ToT on June 5, 2012







Welcome Dear Ones!

Have a happy and liberating full moon and  lunar eclipse, use the power of invocation, observation of your mind and the conscious breathing now(Gemini´s tools) to let go and release all the old ideas, beliefs, opinions and dogmas that are not vibrating what you want to achieve-attract .

Ask yourself every day, -“Am i vibrating what i want to attract to my life?”

It is time to awake to this truth,  and to be truly responsible, we attract what we, THINK-FEEL-VIBRATE…

Work on this, observe your mind now, educate your mind, choose your thoughts! let the Goddess renew your mind and life, she is back!.

Verbs for the Goddess to command your life: appreciate, feel, and respect what you feel and need as much as you respect what you think. Embrace, accept, include, listen, forgive, rest, pray, trust, receive, love, attract.

This lunar eclipse and full moon Gemini-Sagittarius brings us in touch with our deepest truths. Eclipses: cuts, interrupts the old functioning of structures.

Disconnect from the past, access the future now! Re-iniciate all of your programs, re-iniciate every area of your life— now!

Full moon illuminate shadows, hidden things, and some buried ideals could burst forth, begging to be applied to our lives.  This eclipse is the culmination of events that began last year-November 25, just include this info to understand much more about your personal  healing  process.

Our ability to powerfully create what we want in our lives is a reflection of our connection to spirit, and the inner feeling of deserving what i want.  Do we remember and recognise that spirit is always there to guide us?  That no matter the twists and turns in our lives, that each moment is a creation of our selves?

As this takes place, everyone is having a chance to release old energies and open the balance for themselves.

This is a way to transition any illness you may have or whatever else may be going on.

As we make a return to the light of our presence, we recognize that it is possible to live in paradise here on earth, a land of co-creation, unity and understanding.  We can experience God-Goddess everything that is… holding our hands and guiding us to create what resonates with our hearts so the blessings flow forth to us in our physical lives.

It is about love, acceptance, allowing. We are having the  opportunity to open to self-love and acceptance.

Remember we are learning how to embrace the truths of our light and dark sides. Destiny is the meeting between my light and my shadow. Relate to your shadow as well as to your light, love every aspect of your total-self, and so, change your destiny.

There has never been a more powerful time to do this work. In December 2012 a new era will begin, ‘the Golden Era’, ‘the New Dream’, ‘the Heaven on Earth Time’ — different names from different cultures, but all offer us magical visions of the transformation and change to come; the start of this new era will herald a paradigm shift in consciousness and energy, a shift in the way we have operated in the world up until now. It is based on the union of the energy flow between the heart and mind so that they can work in full cooperation and in balance with each other. The sacred inner marriage is your own creation…

Ascended masters, teachers, angels and our family of light are uniting to help us so that we may complete the current cycle, our old way of living here on Earth. It is time to let go of old ideas, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, so that we can rebuild our lives, from the Soul.

Lets try some Total Soul Gym.

It is very exciting to share with you a new approach to Wholeness, to the Total-Self, Oneness.

— Close your eyes and feel your Heart power and radiation. Be there. Breathe, heal there.

We are moving into a different age of spiritual awakening and unity of consciousness, and I invite you to join this universal movement, the party is inside yourself. I will repeat this truth until you experience it!

I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel relaxed, adaptable, playful, in charge of your freedom and happiness to let go whatever idea or belief  may be around you and allow yourself to think only of this moment.

Focus  your consciousness and your intention to go inside yourself, breathe-receive the Goddess Presence , and Gemini’s gifts now: flexibility, movement, curiosity to know yourself deeply, play your game, feel your Goddess guiding you to a new way of living here on Earth. Feel Love and Connection inside yourself, then it will reflect outside of you, in all your relationships.

Each of us functions as a conduit. When we hold an awareness of our inner beauty, physical bounty flows forth through the frequencies of our self love and regard.  When we remember all of who we are when we manifest, we create form filled with light and intelligence that is responsive to our needs.

Welcome and embrace the Goddess now, be the Goddess, no matter you are a man of a woman, she guides us all to Love.

Lots of Love and Light for each of you! See you soon! you are always invited to try the TotalSoulGym Experience!

in Love and Service, ToT



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