Eclipses, Gemini & re-iniciations

by ToT on May 20, 2012

Welcome blessed Dear Ones!

What a magnificent time we are living! Remembering the most important things, who we truly are, freedom to be and why are we here. We are awakening  our divine powers, learning to release and dissolve what we already learned and that no longer works.

Eclipse: Cuts, interrupts the old functioning of structures. Disconnect from the past, access the future now! Re-iniciate all of your programs, re-iniciate every area of your life— now!

Let’s try some Total Soul Gym.

It is very exciting to share with you a new approach to Wholeness, to the Total-Self, Oneness.

— Close your eyes and feel your Heart power and radiation. Be there. Breathe, heal there.

We are moving into a different age of spiritual awakening and unity of consciousness, and I invite you to join this universal movement, the party is inside yourself.

I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel relaxed, to let go whatever may be around you and allow yourself to think only of this moment.

Focus  your consciousness and your intention to go inside yourself, receive Gemini’s gifts now: flexibility, movement, curiosity to know yourself deeply, play your game, feel your Goddess guiding you to a new way and relationships in your Heart- space. Feel Love and Connection there, then it will reflect outside of you.

On May 20th, a Gemini solar eclipse comes along to shake things up in your life.

Even if you love what you do, it may be time for some innovation and new experiences. Change is inevitable, and eclipses bring it. Allow yourself to explore intriguing options, even if that means changing your master plan. Trust your Divine Plan, even though your mind can’t access it yet.

Is it time for a whole new path? Stay tuned: this eclipse will reveal it.

Lots of yellow light  and Love in this re-iniciation time!


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