Pisces full moon, receive magnetic energy!

by ToT on March 9, 2012

Welcome Dear Ones, and have a happy full moon Pisces-Virgo!

You are more powerful than you think. Don’t be afraid of the solar storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. Grab your Soul, feel the Power, the Love and the Light inside, and trust.

You have a tremendous power within… a power that when directed correctly will help you heal your karma and release the collective-genetic inheritance, to love and accept yourself completely, make more money if you want, renew your relationships, meet the right person, express your life purpose, and enjoy life, joy and freedom. It’s your inner power… that powerful force within you.

Once you work with it correctly you’ll begin to enjoy greater wealth, happiness, and live a life filled with passion and confidence. You and everybody around you has this same special and unique power. The only reason you’re not living the life you want is because you don’t know how to use your special power.

First of all, it’s important to realize that the human body emits a powerful “electromagnetic field”. This “bio-energy field” has been measured by scientists. It is time now to observe yourself in the present moment, what you think and believe is building your “vibration”. How you observe has the key, if you can do it, without criticism, breathing, accepting what it is, what you feel, educating your mind, you can pass to this new dimension that is here for us to live now.

This full moon is about feeling that there is a perfect order, that everything is responding to an invisible and perfect plan. Try it, land in your Soul, breath it, feel perfection in everything, it is possible. It is time to use self-suggestion, positive affirmations that influence your mind. They’re powerful when they are applied. The natural power of your heart center can heal you, protect you, and guide you to this brand new planetary moment, never experienced before.

Lots of resources are here for us to ascend to this magnificent 5th dimension, one of them is to work with Chakras.

Working with your Chakras is an excellent way to link the psyche with the body to identify your emotional issues, fears, beliefs, behavioral patterns and your emotional health and wellbeing.  Working with your Chakras will definitely accelerate your psychospiritual growth and emotional healing.

What is a Chakra?

First of all, a Chakra is an energy centre within the human body and electromagnetic field. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that takes in bio-energy (also known as universal energy, prana (chi or ki)), processes it and spins it out.

Healing your first CHAKRA

Symptoms of a weak or closed first Chakra:

  • You struggle with self-esteem issues, and feelings of unworthiness.
  • You have problems making big decisions.
  • You often feel powerless to circumstances and other people’s desires.
  • You may suffer from frequent stomach pains and stomach anxiety.

Begin the healing process:

Your Personal Power Chakra is all about your power and identity. Think, I am, and I am safe, I can manifest my mission here. Here lands the power to define your unique self and make a difference in the world.  Say to yourself:

“You are powerful, and  you will use your power to live out your purpose here on the earth!”

The great thing about your unconscious mind, is that it is never too late to validate yourself. Your inner child does not care where the validation comes from. As you validate yourself with the statement, your first Chakra becomes charged up and balanced.

“You are powerful, and  you will use your power to live out your purpose here on the earth!”

You could even place your hand on your first Chakra, and your hands will take your heart energy there to re-connect to Mother Earth’s love, visualize 5 cords like lasers going out from there, directly to Mother Earth’s heart, and receive the magnetic love and feminine power, lifting it up though all your channel, until it comes out of your head. Go deep in the feeling and sensations of this energy working inside of you.

And please let me know how you feel after doing this plus the affirmations. You are welcome to leave me a comment, happy full moon, and release fears, tears, whatever you need to let go, just breath it out.

Lots of love and peace, feel the Oneness in your heart, you are safe and so loved!!!
in love and service, ToT

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