Pisces here, with Neptune and Quiron working for us!

by ToT on February 24, 2012

Hello and welcome Dear Ones!

Pisces is being enlightened by the sun now, from February 19 to March 20.

Neptune and Quiron are there, irradiating these specific, dissolving and healing energies, to liberate us, and release-complete-continue our creative life process.

Acceptance and surrender to finally heal are what is necessary now, to recalibrate your energies and to align with who you truly are, to access the 5th dimension, where everything is perfect just as it is. Or you can fight and struggle and stay in the old world. You can choose.

Allow yourself to flow,  to expand and to create alignments with what you seek to feel and achieve. Imagine, navigate your dreams and desires.

There is a difference between creating from the Oneness consciousness and the opposite that comes from creating only on the earth plane as we used to, with the ego commanding.

As humans we don’t accept who we truly are, we don’t allow ourselves to be all that we have the potential to be.

How is this affecting your life? Are you open to your divinity? Do you treat yourself as sacred?
Are you allowing the flow of abundance and opportunities to move through your life?
Are you receptive and open?

How you feel is the answer to these questions and, where are you right now.

Everything can be solved through the loving and nurturing acceptance of who you are. Inhabiting your heart-center, you can open to more opportunities. There are parts of your life that you accept without question, but it is now time to question everything that doesn’t feel right or good. When you question what you accept as the norm, you will find that you allow many more opportunities into your life.

Your focused breathing and intention is everything! You can make very subtle and dramatic changes within yourself, through your breathing.

In the next posts I will guide you to work with your inner channel -your chakras- lifting  up your energy , elevating your vibration easily.

Are you ready to shift into the other dimension that is open now?

I hope so, and if you need some help with my work, just let me know.

in Love and Service ToT

For my message in spanish please click here: www.soulgymxandrealoustalet.blogspot.com

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