Eclipse and full moon, great opportunities!

by ToT on December 10, 2011

Welcome dear ones!

Spectacular times, to discover our True Selves and divine powers. This eclipse (and full moon Sagittarius-Gemini) helps us to cut, interrupt, old dynamics, dialogues, relationships, addictions, habits, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. We can re-design everything now, assuming total responsibility  in the re-education of our minds.

Observe yourself, observe your mind, educate your mind. We need to know deeply ourselves now, defense mechanisms, wounds and fears, your Light (what you know about yourself) and your Shadow (what you reject, criticize, admire and don’t think you are). This is to free yourself and access you to be, who you truly are.

We are marrying our Humanity with our Divinity now in this new species we are destined to be.

Some questions for this Sagittarius-Geminis full moon time:

  • Are you someone who understands that the transformation of our world depends on our willingness to evolve ourselves—and is committed to making that happen?
  • What kind of spiritual path and practice can truly integrate my longing to evolve myself with my desire to change the world?
  • How can I integrate the wisdom and clarity I’ve discovered in my deepest moments into the life I’m living every day?
  • How can I bring my life’s work into alignment with my deepest spiritual calling/mission?
  • How can I create deeper, more authentic relationships?
  • Am I aware that  I need to transcend my inner obstacles and make the leap beyond ego that I sense is possible?

It feels as if everybody is shifting and moving at a much more accelerated pace than they have been in the past. This is in response to the ascension process, but it is also in response to the choices that you make within your life.

I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel relaxed, to let go the burdens that you carry around, and in your mind,  and allow yourself to think only of this moment.

Feel the Love, Power and Light you carry inside, essential medicine, your centre, your True Presence, let her guide you now. Use the power of invocation. In voice. We are not alone, lots of Divine help is ready to assist us, try it, make the call. Breath and receive…

In Soul and Service, ToT

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