Are you going to be a victim or a creator? You choose…

by ToT on December 22, 2011

Welcome Dear Ones! Feel the blessings in your hearts, solstice! Enjoy this time!

2012 is almost here, to redesign our lives from the Soul source. Ego is dissolving, Soul is growing, grow in your heart, grow in love and respect for yourself. This is the key for everything, the love you can develop for yourself. You are responsible for this, no one else is.

As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it, you can know what it’s like to be who you are, you can know that you are connected to source energy because of that, who you are. So breathe deeply, breathe down and let that wash through you.

Feel and allow love to be a part of you in this moment. From any given moment in which you are living, you may expand that out until it infuses your entire being and your entire life.


Exercise for this time.
At the center of your Self, deep within our consciousness, is a sacred space, a calm, Light, Love and Power, this peaceful center is untouched by outer turbulence. Land there. If you weren’t looking for something bigger, better, or more in your life…you wouldn’t have landed here in the first place.

This is more like a system than a secret…in fact, it can be more closely compared with a SCIENCE…a METHOD…and it will empower you to start today with the process of creating that life that you were just dreaming about…

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you attempt? What would you change about your life?  What would you change about the world around you?

Visualize now

  • Living in your dreamed home…where?
  • Your healthy and beautiful body enjoying everything
  • Being so happy, satisfied and connected to your divine power, no matter what happens outside
  • Having the resources to do and help whoever you want in the world
  • Consciously creating a new world of love and cooperation, the New Earth, a new way of living here…
  • Having the relationships you want. Feeling loved and appreciated by everyone. Finally discovering, attract (and keep) the man or woman just for you…
  • Travel to exotic places (in your private jet)…OR
  • [ You insert your big dream here )

You can have it! Anything you want!  Everything in your life is going to be affected by positive changes, starting today…if that’s what you choose. And that’s the most intriguing part about this formula…you get to choose.

Vibrate and meditate about this truth, you choose…



Redesign!!! Every area of your life now!

If you really had the choice (and you do), what would you choose? If you knew that everything was on the menu and anything was possible, what would you pick?

How would it feel to you if you woke up tomorrow morning and only had to ask yourself this one incredibly powerful question to start your day…if you could just look in the mirror and ask yourself:

“What do I really, really want to do with my day today?”

Imagine what your life will be like…

Imagine what your life will be like… build and construct , create your life with your powerful imagination, Capricorn energy is supporting this work now, recreate, redesign your life, this is your job.

Happy new year and life, lots of love, see you again in February!
In love, soul and service, ToT

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