Sagittarius, thanksgiving and a new education.

by ToT on November 28, 2011

Welcome Dear Ones!

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome Sagittarius energy! Here we are, receiving the new energy of hope, expansion, meaning  and education. Please, breath it, receive it in your Heart, the spiritual fire vibes can work in your body, and feel your Inner Spirit guiding you… in the Now, breath in, feel the connection with your Heart, feel the Now.

It is time to educate ourselves in this new way to live here on Earth. A slower rhythm, much more Light and more consciousness, respect, patience and compassion, living through our sacred energy within.

We already know how things work, and the need to focus and think in a positive and hopeful and thankful perspective  this is the key in the manifestation and creation of your life. What are you affirming in your mind? Which are the affirmations your mind is focusing on?

You will get what you think… awake to this truth. Write down and tell Universe and your Divine Presence inside, what do you want? How do you want to feel? Discover this, work in this, you are the creator and protagonist of your life. Lots of hugs! Lots of joy!

In Soul, ToT

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