Letting go… after scorpio’s full moon.

by ToT on November 17, 2011

Hello Dear Ones!

Our hearts are blessed with new energies, codes and Divine help, can you feel this inside?

This full moon Scorpio-Taurus, a day before the 11-11-11 Stargate, illuminated our unconscious cell-addictions, fears, traumas, memories, rejections, wounds, conflicts with others reflecting our inner conflicts.  We needed to know what we are still carrying inside our bodies that must be liberated now.

Give yourself the gift of spending time- letting go…focusing in this need.  Breathing…yes. You will be re-connected into your true nature of love and divinity, your true self,  the Love, Light and Power you carry inside of you!

It is the wise, loving, compassionate, powerful and radiant part of you – that when fully liberated becomes a powerful force for healing and transformation in our world.

But in order to truly BE the change, we must learn to live from our Heart, true self or essential self, our Soul, our Divine Presence .

Never before has it been more important for each one of us to stay committed to our deep inner work and evolving ourselves — so we can evolve together our New Earth at this critical time.
How do we do this?

We can use our powerful tool, Intention, plus Divine help, and conscious breathing and the Sacred and Magnificent Violet Flame.


The Violet Flame is our greatest tool for expanding and enhancing our heart’s tie with our very own I AM God Presence. It is also our best resource for transmuting and healing all those negative conditions that currently plague our planet, as well as our personal lives.
The Violet Flame can be invoked, visualized, just call her. Or can be called by “Decrees” and “Affirmations.” You can use the Violet Flame to perform your personal alchemy of transformation whenever you desire to change the “base metal” of dense and heavy negative energies and records (conscious or subconscious remembrances of negative thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences from this life and previous lifetimes) in your aura to the Golden Light of your I AM God Presence’s Purity and Perfection.
You can also use the Violet Flame to help loved ones wherever they may be on the planet, or between incarnations. As you invoke the Violet Flame and see it surrounding these individuals, their burdens will be eased and their spirits will be lifted.
Invoking the Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, as well as to your loved ones and the world at large!

I am facilitating and teaching steps, principles, and techniques required to achieve spiritual and personal growth and self-realization.

I invite you to browse the rest of this site for information on the services I have to offer.

Feel free to forward this message-gift to your friends & loved ones!
They’ll thank you!

Happy New Earth! Radiant love for all of you!

Lots of love  ToT

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