11-11-11 STARGATE. Open your heart and receive!

by ToT on November 11, 2011

STARGATE 11-11-11.

Welcome Dear Ones,

Be present!

A magnificent time has come.
Be open and receive, breathe very deeply, connect and flourish from within.
Let your Divine Plan to come into the light.

Create a 11-11-11 Stargate in your own community on this auspicious day.
Join together with each other and with your HigherSelf, your Divine Presence.

Illuminate your heart in oneness with your spiritual community as we create the New Earth.

Journey with your Divine Presence, raise your vibration.
Assist the cleansing of the collective mind of Humanity and enable the Activation of your Soul.

Journey through the 11-11-11 Stargate to activate both your higher mind and your lower-human mind to move beyond the present collective mind of humanity. Bring your unique frequency into your heart circle, as a gift to your star ancestors, your own genetic ancestors, Mother Gaia (Mother Earth),  Humanity and all beings.

A big shift is happening now; we are living the beginning of a new Era.

Know that we decided to come here to Earth, to be the creators of the New Earth, the new species here on Earth, “the Divine Human”. It is time to link your heart and mind with your HigherSelf, and all beings in your Family of Light, to ground the new template of Oneness in the group-mind of your collective, your family, your friends and your community, to consciously co-create the new Humanity.

In the old paradigm, we did not realise that everything that happens outside of us in our lives is simply a reflection of what’s happening inside us. We now need to be responsible for exactly what we are vibrating (thoughts, feelings, projections) and for what we are attracting into our lives. Now, terms like synchronicity (C.G. Jung wisdom) show that nothing is casual and that everything responds to a mysterious order. The valorization of ego created dysfunction; now is the time to cultivate our Soul and let her guide us, responding to what happens and comes into our life from our heart.

The New Era has begun. See what you could not see before!
Live a life of joy, peace, love, abundance and happiness. It’s easier than you think.

Welcome to the TotalSoulGym website and Blog, launched on this great day 11-11-11.
Here you will find everything you need for the journey through the Stargate.

In Love and Soul, ToT

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